Musician collective with scope and unpredictable projects.

Thymeshift is a thinking, dynamic and innovative band started in 2010 by Swedish musicians Johan Björklund, Thomas Gunillasson and Thomas Backman. On their own but also together with, for example, Icelandic guitarist Hilmar Jensson, the group has formed a powerful, responsive unit with expressions that spread in many directions. The collaboration with Jensson has, among other things, resulted in the album "Beyond Horizons" on Boogiepost Recordings. After this, the trio has, among other things, collaborated with Katrine Amsler (DK), who with keyboards, electronics and self-built instruments has taken the music in new exciting directions. Composed, improvised and sometimes programmed music that no one has heard of!
In 2021, the album “Dark Lights” was released, which means the last part of the collaboration with Amsler and now the group is aiming forward together with the keyboard artist John Lönnmyr.

Collaborations / projects:
Thymeshift + Lönnmyr
Thymeshift + Jensson
Thymeshift + Amsler
Thymeshift The Sonic E
Thomas Gunillasson Glashus (recording project under the direction of Thomas Gunillasson)
Thymeshift United (5 extra musicians turn the term "big band" upside down)
Thymeshift Elektronix

About the musicians:
Johan Björklund (S) - drums
Residing in Gothenburg. Diligently active bandleader, composer, educator, project manager, etc. Leads the bands Johan Björklund Dynamic Flavors and Monochromatics. Has also heard with Parallel Activity, Disturbance, Änglaspel, Lina Nyberg, Cue Act, Johannes Lundberg and others.

Thomas Gunillasson (S) - guitar
Residing in Västerås. Leader trio Les Pickadoles. Has worked with a number of Swedish groups such as Karin Inde, How !, Mess, The Dora Steins, Lindha Kallerdahl, Zara Tellander and Militanta Jazzmusiker. Released in 2014 the critically acclaimed solo album "Glashus" where Backman / Björklund also participates.

Thomas Backman (S) - saxophone, clarinet
Residing in Stockholm. Seen and heard in a variety of contexts. Among other things, he is a member of several acclaimed and award-winning jazz bands such as Paavo, Klabbes Bank and LED, but is just as happy to play pop music, for example with Maia Hirasawa. Thomas also leads his own band "Thomas Backman".

The group also offers workshops for music education. Feel free to contact us for info about this.
Please also see our program Thymeshift Elektronix.