Susanna Lindeborg

Susanna Lindeborg

Pioneering, experimental and curious musician.

Susanna Lindeborg started her professional music career in the mid 70's.

Starting with classical music, she went on to jazz and improvisation, which turned out to be her right element. Susanna started mixing acoustic and electronic instruments at an early age, and has become known through, among others, MWENDO DAWA, which she still leads as the MWENDO DAWA trio after the death of saxophonist Ove Johansson in 2015. Mwendo Dawa has toured successfully in 22 countries in Europe, North and South America and China at festivals such as Montreux, Northsea and Montreal.

Mwendo Dawa trio released a new CD in April 2018 with the title "Silent Voice", which among other things was named "Editors Pick" in Down Beat in August 2018.

In addition to Mwendo Dawa, Susanna Lindeborg toured a lot with the female jazz group Salamander in the early 80's. The group attracted a great deal of attention in Europe and in the United States.

Susanna has toured with Natural Artefacts and LJDuo with performances both in the world of improvisational music and in the world of electroacoustic music. She also does solo improvisations with her computers that do electroacoustic backgrounds.

Susanna Lindeborg writes her own music and part of this was profiled when she released her first solo CD in 1989.

Said and written:

She runs LJRecords and is the initiator / curator of the music series INES.

Susanna Lindeborg's piano improvisations on Excursions are incessantly fascinating. The solo piano is a difficult form to master. Keith Jarrett has created a measure of solo improvisation, but Susanna Lindeborg creates her own, unique expression in the moment. Magnus Eriksson, SvD

LJ Records celebrates its 20th anniversary with one of the most interesting piano solo albums on this page Keith Jarrett's Facing you. Art music, jazz improvisation, ambient - a total experience!

/ Claes Olsson, Music Industry