Mother dances

Mother dances

Allan Edwall's song treasure in a unique trio vintage

In a unique setting of double bass, viola da gamba and vocals, Mor Dansar takes on Allan Edwall's song treasure. The trio's cross-genre concept where jazz, baroque music and folk music tradition take place makes them something completely new on most music scenes. With strings and words, Edwall's fantastic lyrics and simple melodies are performed in well-specified arrangements.

"In fact, the trio do some of the most beautiful Edwall renditions I've heard, and that makes them really worth listening to."
Rasmus Klockljung, Lira Musikmagasin

Since the start in 2018, the trio has enriched the church, homestead and bars with their music. Old and young are bound into the honest lyrics and the trio's obvious and charming expressions. Under the program title "Aftonro och Förhoppning" pays homage to the timelessness that can be found in Edwall's work.

Group members
Boel Mogensen - Double Bass
Sofia Källman - Song
Adam Grauman - Viola da gamba