Maud Lindström

Maud Lindström

Your story is important! A creative school workshop for high school about writing songs

It does not have to be difficult to write a poem or song. No subject is too big or too small, and you do not have to be a writer or musician to have something important to tell. It can be about you and your life. And you can write it yourself. With your own language. On your terms.

In an inspiring workshop, songwriter and poet Maud Lindström shares her important stories in her own poems and songs about love, sexuality, power and identity. In a fun and engaging way, she shows what a poem or song text can look like and gives tips on how to get started writing. Without demands and with the desire as a starting point, the students themselves can try to express their own stories based on their conditions.

Maud Lindström was born in 1980 and lives outside Gothenburg. She has toured Sweden for seven years with her music and poetry, and played at the Hultsfred Festival and the Pride Festival, among others, and with the Riksteatern and Lars Winnerbäck. She has also done school tours with, for example, Music in the West, Estrad North and Länsmusiken in Kalmar, and held workshops for high school students around the country, most recently with Music in the South. The debut album "Strategy Guide for Love Critics" was released in 2005.

“I thought it was fun and very interesting. Each song set my thoughts in motion. You were incredibly good at both explaining and writing and your singing and voice were fantastic. ”

“You dare to say what you think, and you have a lot of self-distance. In addition, it was good information, incredibly inspiring. ”

"I think it has been great fun. When I wrote, I was told things about myself that I did not even know I thought or felt. ”

Students in years 8 and 9

“Thank you for a successful project! You have definitely left traces behind! I myself was present on two occasions and experienced an atmosphere where you, the students and you, were together "for real". You met, I noticed. And that's crucial, because only when students are relaxed, confident and curious can they receive what you want to give them! ”

High school teacher