Mathias Melo

Mathias Melo

A fleeting acoustic guitarist, delicious chord sequences, groove and rhythm, with an elastic, light voice that immediately makes the listener listen.

Mathias Melo has just turned 31, but has long been a startling "complete" artist.

He is a fast-paced acoustic guitarist with an emphasis on, delicious chord sequences, groove and rhythm. A singer with an elastic, light voice that immediately makes the listener listen. A stylish songwriter with a well-thought-out message that runs like a common thread through his life-affirming lyrics.

There is a playfulness in music and lyrics and a clear ID in his singing and

this summer, Warner Music signed a contract with Mathias Melo who is now ready to meet the large audience.

The first single released together with Warner is called "Get Some Sun" and is a song that captures the listener already at the first touch and where we are invited to accurate and swinging hot pop music.

"Get Some Sun" is written by Mathias Melo together with Per Magnusson & Niklas Carson-Mattsson, who have also produced.

To experience him perform his songs alone with an acoustic guitar feels like hearing an entire band. Mathias has over the years listened to lots of different kinds of music: jazz, reggae, pop, hardcore, soul, funk and Tarantino soundtracks. Everything has somehow influenced him, but when it comes to the acoustic sound, it was artists like Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson who inspired the most.

- "I have picked the raisins from many cakes" says Mathias and smiles.

Add to this a bit of reggae influences and a Paul Simon turn and you get an idea of ​​how Mathias' music sounds.