Marianne Holmboe and Emil Pernblad

Marianne Holmboe and Emil Pernblad

Flamenco as a part of life itself! Newly composed, languorous, beautiful and fiery music.

Marianne and Emil collaborated for the first time in the performance Al-Andalus, when Marianne sang exclusively Arabic music. The work aroused Marianne's curiosity about flamenco, and she soon went to Spain to train in this special singing style. The multifaceted genre of flamenco is a unique combination of occident and orient, Iberian and Roman, Jewish and Celtic. Flamencon's cradle, Andalusia, has over the years been the place where Marianne and Emil periodically lived and immersed themselves in the genre.

Emil Pernblad - guitar, composition, lyrics and translation

Emil has been touring for many years with several of the greatest Spanish and Nordic flamenco artists and participates in a variety of constellations and projects. The composition of new music is constantly going on, usually in the spirit in which today's flamenco guitarists operate - to fill the traditional forms of the genre with new content, with impressions from our time and often widely different styles.

Marianne Holmboe - singing

Marianne moves in a variety of different music styles. She is an acclaimed songwriter and solo artist and for more than fifteen years has also sung oriental music in the groups Sumer and Cabaret Oriental. The echo of the Arab melisms can still be sensed and becomes a natural part of her flamenco singing.

At night

With the album De Noche (Kakafon / Naxos 2014), Marianne Holmboe & Emil Pernblad break new ground and dress new poetry in traditional flamenco attire. Half of the texts come from Emil's pen and the other half are poems taken from the collection of poems En bikt, written by Emil's grandmother Birgitta Örnstedt and translated into Spanish. Örnstedt was a poet and a respected visual artist who lived and worked in Spain, the USA, North Africa and Gothenburg. The album's booklet reproduces several of her pictures as well as the sung poems in Swedish. Emil's newly written music, lyrics and images together form a poetic and artistic whole. In addition to the duo's welded vocals and guitar playing, several guest musicians are heard playing. In addition, virtuoso rhythms by flamenco dancer Ann Sehlstedt "La Pantera"'s heels have spiced up one of the tracks.