Magnus Marcinkowski Pettersson

Magnus Marcinkowski Pettersson

Song singer who creates meditative and dreamy music.

Magnus Marcinkowski Pettersson is a singer born and raised on Gotland, now living in Gothenburg. He attended the Nordic School of Fishing in 1992-1993. Is part of the free music/dance/theatre group Big Wind which tours throughout Sweden, where he participates as a composer, musician and actor. Magnus plays and sings his songs both solo and with a band.

Together with an ensemble consisting of ethnic and art musicians from Gothenburg, meditative and dreamy music is created which empathetically supports the song's text and atmosphere.

Magnus released his debut album in 2023 on the record company Kakafon Records.ånger-ur-drömmens-reservoar-•-magnus-marcinkowski-pettersson-46153712