Anna Heikkinen & Längtans Kapell

Anna Heikkinen & Längtans Kapell

Through her interpretations of the Finnish tango, Anna Heikkinen & Längtans Kapell searches for history and roots.

The debut album Omen tango out now!

"From an originally designed phrase, unimagined dimensions, a spectrum of emotions are extracted. The instruments marry each other and the open-damper vocals in a wonderful way.”

"Relevant to relate to the soulful experience of black artists that makes me weak in the knees, while realizing that others shy away from energetic expressions of ecstasy and pain. Sees a corresponding parallel in Omenatango whose emotional levels are not infrequently at the boiling point. The consistently unwavering stance deserves as much credit as it gets, goes right in.”

"Another extremely important plus factor concerns the arrangements for which they are jointly responsible. Smart ideas are masterfully applied. These sweet sounding scars take possession of me. On the nicely designed CD, contagious intoxication of life is interspersed with tons of melancholy.”

"The women's dedication, artistic skill and integrity (doing their thing to perfection) impresses to the point that the highest rating is warranted."

Mats Hallberg/Kulturbloggen

With Finnish and Swedish lyrics, an accordion, a saxophone and a cello, we seek our own Satumaa, our own Fairytale Land and weave a fabric of melodies and words from our yearning.

"we search
we seek
we long for where the grandmother's language dances on the sandy beach and the voices dive, in the billowing blue
to where the grandfather trees bloom and the notes play awkwardly between apples and branches
Satumaa is what we long for longs for longs for home ”

You can either book a concert or the music -and storytelling show Satumaa-Sagolandet.

Satumaa - is the title of Finland's most famous tango. In Swedish, it means fairyland.

The texts and narration are based on Anna Heikkinen's personal memories, interviews with relatives, saved letters and diary entries from the Second World War - a troubled time after which Anna's father, Pekka Heikkinen, came to Sweden as an unaccompanied child from Finland. As a story told by a child to an unaccompanied minor, the performance also reflects part of our burning present and future.

Satumaa-Sagolandet has been played to sold-out houses at Gothenburg's Dramatic Theatre, Gothenburg's Stadsteater's Lunch Theatre, Borås Stadsteater and on tour.

"In hypnotically beautiful arrangements, dark experiences are transformed into something sublime and beautiful."
Borås Newspaper

"The Chapel of Longing is energetically present in its playing and Heikkinen's song is balanced emotionally"

Bookings are now being accepted for 2023-2024.

Upcoming game dates:

12 May Forum Köping concert Trio

May 13 Skolhuset Ludvika concert Trio

24 July Gräfsnäsgården Gothenburg concert Trio

25 July Skräcklanparken Vänersborg concert Trio

July 26 TBA (Open for booking)

August 11 Rydals Herrgård Rydal concert Trio

August 12 Ornungastämman Vårgårda concert Trio

21 August Satumaa-Sagolandet Axevalla Folk High School

August 24 Satumaa-Sagolandet trio Mölnlycke Cultural Center

2 September Sjöbodagen Borås concert Trio

4 September Satumaa-Sagolandet Mariestads Theatre

5 September Fredslund's Särkilda Boende Mariestad concert

20 October Borkult concert

25 October Redbergsteatern Gothenburg concert

11 November Satumaa-Sagolandet Glashuset Gislaved


Group members:
Anna Heikkinen: singing and storytelling
Larisa Ljungkrona-Mönttinen: accordion and song
Ida Gillner: soprano saxophone and vocals
Leonor Palazzo: cello and vocals