Clara Goliger

Clara Goliger

Fine-limbed and rigorous pop music

Klara Goliger plays fine-tuned but rigorous pop music. Her debut album, "The Piano Chair" is according to GP at "an almost sensationally high level" and was named the best album from Gothenburg 2022. Her music has influences from several directions - Fiona Apple and Björk to name a couple. 

The songs are personal but want to express something universal - a lot of it is about feeling powerless in the face of your feelings. The music has a nakedness and warmth that is enhanced by catchy melodies in powerful arrangements. 

The debut album was celebrated on a large scale in Pustervik. Since then, Klara has managed to play on numerous stages and festivals. "When Klara sits down at the piano and plays most of the songs from the debut album, she is so sure and clear in her way of playing her music that you just have to go along and get excited" wrote GP's reviewer Daniel Claeson after seeing one of Klara's concerts at home.

Band members:

Maria Doumeni Cronholm, cello and choir
Hannes Boeryd, electric bass and choir or Boel Mogensen, double bass and choir
Simon Hjälm, drums and choir

The music fits well at festivals, smaller club stages, stages with seated audiences, cafes and restaurants. It can be both finely tuned and raspy, depending on the setting.

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