Jorge Alcaide

Jorge Alcaide

Versatile musician and composer with roots in South American music. Poetic, simple, intimate expressions are mixed with magnificent epic works.

Through his years as a musician in theater and several groups such as Quartango, Cerro Esperanza Band and Lecheburre, Jorge Alcaide has composed music with influences from all directions. In recent years, he has run artistic projects where new ways of creating have been in focus, both through GAO-Gothenburg Alternative Orchestra and the Culture Temple. In his solo program, he weaves together a story where he picks goodies from all these projects and entices the audience to think about a future beyond labels and achievement.

Jorge has also worked as a theater musician, actor and performed for school children.

As a concert promoter, Jorge Alcaide has found a unique place in the Culture Temple, an old water tower in Majorna, Gothenburg, where you you can experience unique concerts in a small format with magic room acoustics, exhibitions and guided tours.