EMRIK IT SWIVES !, constantly with the turn in the center

Take part in a unique musical experience when EMRIK IT SWINGS! takes the stage with full force. Singer and showman EMRIK, well known from Stonefunkers, invites you to an intimate and moving experience together with his team of musical masters on guitar, keyboards, drum machines and loops. Their performance will have the audience dancing and singing along to songs such as "Tenderness", "The City We Love", "Lögnhalsen", "Love Somebody", "Fountain of Youth", "Funkadeena" and "M-Rock theory", while as they interpret classic hits from music history's legendary artists such as Ray Charles and Sinatra. This is a stripped down yet energetic and swinging experience where AGGE lets loose with his beats, bass and guitar, while Danne contributes fantastic fusion solos and organ attitude.

During the evening, EMRIK will share stories from his long life as an artist and create a wonderful atmosphere for the audience. EMRIK's unique voice is a combination of whispers, powerful tones and caressing melodies that no one else can achieve. This trio of musical love warriors will deliver a concert experience that is out of the ordinary.

If you've missed their latest Swedish single "PAMPLONA" and the fantastic new funk album "CELEBRATION", don't worry! EMRIK is here to give you a chance to experience all this and more in a live concert experience you won't soon forget. Get ready to dance to the tunes of EMRIK IT SWINGS! and their magical musical performance – an experience you really don't want to miss!

To check out EMRIK's music and learn more about their upcoming events, visit their link tree: https://linktr.ee/emrikfromsweden

Emrik: song

AGGE – guitar, vocals, drum stomp

Dan Helgesen – keyboards, vocals


Votes about EMRIK's latest album:

Infectious and life-affirming funk, A wonderfully vital record with the singer and songwriter M-Rock in the center. - Andreas Lagercrantz - the magazine LIRA
You pour on with blow, whack-whack, dance, love and party.
How can you not want to be at that party?- Johan Lindqvist Gothenburg Post
Lush and sometimes quite brilliant party monsters, Keep your fingers crossed for a tour, because it can be any fun. - Anna Hellsten Southern Sweden