Dan Berglund

Dan Berglund

Legendary troubadour with sharply charged program.

Dan Berglund made his debut with a gig for striking dock workers in Gothenburg in May 1974 The following year, his first music album "En järnarbetares visor" was released.
In 1979 he sold his guitar but picked up the music again after getting a new guitar off Axel Falk. The next album, Vildmarken was released in 1987 with a twisted political tone. Eleven years later, a compilation album was released and it took until 2007 before he released the next newly produced music album, "Såna som vi…."

Some of Berglund's strongest influences are Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Ivar Lo-Johansson, Pablo Neruda, Joyce Carol Oates, Cervantes and Wisława Szymborska. Today he still tours and plays his old songs, with some changes in the lyrics.

Berglund was awarded the Birger Sjöberg Prize in 2009.

"Dan Berglund has secured the Swedish song heritage. With almost 40 years of patient life writing, Dan Berglund has created a song poem that binds generations together. To his concerts come young leftists who know the 70's songs by heart. "
Lars Andersson /Svenska Dagbladet 27/12 -12. The whole article http://www.svd.se/kultur/understrecket/dan-berglund-har-vardesakrat-svenska-visarvet_7781364.svd

“Sometimes you do not have to worry. You know in advance that it will be good. Brilliant. Fantastic. Brilliant. The old 70's slugger Dan Berglund is on a visit and then it's all that. A wonderful gig where he generously opens the gates to his entire register. ” (Dennis Andersson reviews a gig at Söderport in Kalmar. The Barometer, Dec 2009)

Review of concert at Stallet: https://www.danberglund.com/2015/09/27/recension-konsert-stockholm-24-sep-15/