Björn Petersson Quartet

Björn Petersson Quartet

Vis jazz in a psalm tone with stinging and raw lyrics that poke and scratch in just the right places.

With acoustic instruments, the music strives for the simple, quiet, clear and slow. Björn Petersson Kvartett has released two albums with the titles "Grabowski" and "FÖRLUST & RÄDSLA".

Said about the Björn Petersson Quartet:

"It's music that feels very Swedish in its tone and it's music that's recognisable, but can't really be placed. The music flows with blue tones, with sad tones, but somehow also with hope. Björn Petersson Quartet moves in a musical landscape that is seldom trodden. It is a landscape where the simple and the beautiful can emerge in slow loops of melody. Beautiful was the word.”

- Lennart Götesson, Dala Democrat

"Bold to take this musical project to such a sharp point. The meeting between lyrics about despair and confusion and a consciously chosen embracing music. Simple and relentless, not easy to let go”

- Leif Carlsson, Lira

Band members:

Björn Petersson - Double bass
Agnes Åhlund – Song
Christian Berg – Piano
Alma Moller – Viola
Anton Jonsson – Drums