Written and said about Music at the library

“Thank you for two nice and appreciated events. Got a taste of arranging gigs with a jam session, where the audience is involved, as an extension of the gig. A really good opportunity to get more out of an event for which we received a very positive response ”.
Tobias Bengtsson, library manager in Lidköping

“The thing is, it just happens! I really like the moment of surprise when you are suddenly met by a live artist out on the shelves! For those who did not come here just to see the artist, it will be a successful unexpected meeting. We also usually sign with books that fit the context and the artist can give book tips and tell about books that are special to them. ”
Britt Lööf, library manager in Falköping

“Just want to thank you again for a wonderful turn in your beautiful countryside!
Very nicely arranged and super nice reception and arranged everywhere.
Very nice thing, this with Music at the library, so ”
Anders von Hofsten, musician

Article in Bohusläningen about the Blue Agency

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