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A non-profit association for freely active musicians

Musikcentrum Väst is a non-profit association for professional freelance musicians in Sweden. The association was formed in 1977 as part of the artistic Centrumbildningar. The association has about 700 members in about 300 artist programs, in most genres.

In 2011, Musikcentrum Väst, together with its sister organization Musikcentrum Öst, formed the national association Musikcentrum Riks. This allows us to act with greater weight and legitimacy for the freely active musicians throughout the country.

The business is run according to a number of overall and long-term goals:

  • Communicate and create jobs for the association's artists
  • Strengthen Musikcentrum Väst's members' position in the labor market
  • Be an active and stable association that takes care of the members' interests
  • Promote the conditions of our members culturally and politically
  • Promote and showcase Musikcentrum Väst to the outside world with the aim of reaching organizers, partners and new members
  • Initiate and collaborate on projects that benefit our members and the music scene in general
  • Develop and be an active member of the national association

In 2021, the board consists of: Lina Horner (chairman), Johan Björklund, Anna Cochrane, Aurelia Dey, Jonas Simonsson, Maud Lindström and Tormod Tvete Vik.

Board meeting with distance in August 2020.


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