About us

One of the country's largest, best and broadest artist agencies for quality music.

MCV is a member organization and artist agency for professional freelance musicians. We offer free mediation of artist programs with high musical, artistic and stage quality.

About MCV

MCV is a non-profit association with an office in Gothenburg. We have approximately 740 individual members, all professional musicians, distributed among approximately 320 artist programs. Our main aims are to work for a diverse, artistic and strong musical life, support our members in their musical activities, protect the interests of the freely operating musicians and strengthen the role of live music in society. We do this, among other things, by mediating our artists' music selection, initiating and collaborating in projects, strengthening members' labor market skills, promoting organizer development, as well as taking an active part and stimulating debate in cultural policy issues relating to the free music life.

MCV is a member of Musikcentrum Riks, which belongs to the artistic Centrumbildningar. We receive operating grants from the Swedish Cultural Council and the Västra Götaland region.

Our selection

Our range includes many of Sweden's most prominent musicians and composers in genres such as jazz, folk and world music, show, classical and contemporary art music, pop, rock and music for children and young people. Therefore, we dare to say that we are one of the country's largest, best and broadest artist agencies for quality music.

Collaborate with us

MCV often and willingly collaborates with organizers, associations, institutions, the business community and others, in both small and large music projects. This can apply to the programming of individual events or concert series on new stages, but also, for example, pedagogical projects, continuing education, organizer development or internationalization.

We are interested in all collaborations where music is at the center. Welcome to us with your idea!

Book artist

MCV is a professional, fast and responsive agency that easily and smoothly establishes contact between organizers and artists. We have solid knowledge of the music industry and experience of collaborations with many different types of organizers.

Here on our website you will find pictures, sound clips, information and contact information for all artists in our range. Contact the artists directly or contact us for advice or great ideas. Find artists here!

All consultation and mediation is free of charge and we are happy to help you at short notice.

If you want to know more about MCV, please read "Association info" on the right column or watch the video below.

For musicians

If you are a musician and want to become a member, read about membership on "Member" in the menu bar at the top right.


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2023 annual report

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