Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

In 2020, we encountered the biggest crisis in music life and the whole cultural life of all time. The pandemic paralyzed our industry and with the law of order as the state's main tool, we who work with live music were affected by what can best be described as a pure work ban.

Musikcentrum Väst and our sisters in the east and south tried as soon as possible then in March to change from producer to crisis manager and we want to direct a BIG THANK YOU to all vulnerable musicians and artists who made sure to fill in our surveys during the year! These surveys have created credible data that we have been able to convey to decision-makers and the media.

The fact that every third musician was about to leave the profession in August has not escaped many. And the message is of course alarming. But something that has also become clear to us this miserable year is that the country's musicians and artists are professionals in crisis management from the beginning. Living as a freelance musician requires that you are. With or without an ongoing societal crisis. This pandemic has also helped everyone to become eerily aware of. The total lack of safety nets for cultural creators with their own company has become clear. May it already next year lead to improvements in the unemployment insurance fund system, sales support, etc. Many of us will continue to work for this.

We at Musikcentrum Väst are happy to leave this year behind us now. We intend to recharge the batteries (the office will be closed from 23 December to 10 January) and then we will start with full force again. Or in fact even more. With the help of extra crisis support from the Swedish Arts Council, we will in 2021 be able to put more effort than usual into supporting and promoting our members. We also assume that it will be next year that The Big Restart will take place!

We start the year with the investment Operation: Restart where our members should be able to get both practical help and inspiration. In addition, we have just received information from the region that our library tours will be combined with a bunch of theater tours until the spring of 2022! The investment Music in the theater will be done in close collaboration with the Riksteatern, Folkets hus och parker and ABF.

Now we all wish you a calm, happy and merry Christmas with the hope of a brighter 2021!

Karin Inde

for the MCV office

New MCV Artists 2020

During the month of December, we present in the spring Facebook page some of our most new artists.

We show videos with a selection of the artists who have come to us and become part of Musikcentrum Väst during the past year.

There will be lots of fantastic music in lots of genres - so follow ours Facebook page a little extra carefully until Christmas.

Brilliant reviews & video premiere

Kakafoni gets more and more great reviews for his new album The wolf hour. The album is the band's third and has, among other things, in Lira Musikmagasin, been rated: "Without a doubt one of the best Swedish (jazz) albums of the year".

Just in the days also premiered their new video - a live version of the song These from said plate.

Karin visits Imprapodden

Our business manager Karin Inde guests together with Louise Nordgren the latest episode of Imprapodden - a podcast on gender equality, jazz and improvisational music. It will be a conversation based on the structures and conditions of music life. What did it look like before the corona pandemic broke out and what musical policy consequences has it had? Among much more - about, for example, Karin!

Listen here!

New record with Süperstar Orkestar - Hope

Balkanbandet Superstar Orchestra released his new record on November 6th Hope. A wind-driven and hard-swinging visionary message that there will once again be a time when we can meet in cramped clubs and let the Süperstar Orchestra's party music embrace us.

KG Malm - Sorry for this time

The singer and the narrator KG Malm has written the newly published collection of short stories Sorry for this time.
- I did not want to turn down an offer to publish a book. Especially as I mostly deal with something as perishable as performing arts. A book still lasts a little longer, says KG Malm.