Summer party June 21! 🍓

We remind you of MCV's summer party for all members! Azalea Valley, Slottskogen den June 21 at 17.00. 
Read our member mailings via email about how to sign up.

Workshop for young people 7 – 12 years old at Kulturhuset in Bergsjön

Everyone is creative and can create music!

With playfulness and imagination, the group creates Thymeshift Elektronix brand new music, and you get to join in! You don't need to register in advance or have any prior knowledge — come as you are!

Take the chance to create music together with professional musicians. We create music with digital tools and improvisation.

The workshop has four different occasions:

June 21 at 11-12: For you 7-12 years

June 21 at 14-15: For you 12-15 years

June 22 at 11-12: For you 7-12 years

June 22 at 14-15: For you 12-15 years

Read more here!

The workshop is organized jointly by MCV, Jubileeumsåret Gothenburg and Bergsjöns Kulturhus.

Reminder — Application open:

The music alliance hires 8 new musicians!

From June 5, you who have freelanced as a musician can within the last five years register your application. The application window is even open on 31 July 2023.

You can find more information about the employment, terms and conditions and registration of your application at The music alliance's website.


Apply for the Musikalliansen mentor program 2023

The music alliance offers, in collaboration with Swedish Wind Power, a mentoring program which is aimed at musicians who have graduated from a music college in 2022 and 2023. The purpose of the mentoring program is to bridge the gap between studies and professional life and to strengthen the regrowth of young musicians who establish themselves in the labor market.

Apply to become an adept, no later than June 8! Read more

How do I get paid as a freelance musician?

The Music Alliance holds a webinar on freelance economics for those of you who are new to the freelance market. The webinar covers the basics of freelancing and the different forms of work that freelance musicians can use, from the form of employment to different options of self-employment. The lecture also provides a good basis and introduction to the Musikalliansen's course "Your freelance economy", which returns at regular intervals.

When: 19 June, 13.00 – 14.15
  online via zoom
Lecturer: Mats Moller

Read more and sign up here.

Broadening participation in cultural life: Obstacles and opportunities

The Authority for Cultural Analysis has released the report Broadening participation in cultural life: Obstacles and opportunities

In carrying out this government mission, Kulturanalys has compiled previous research and knowledge, but also carried out analyzes of the cultural habits of the inhabitants over time, education and the labor market for professionals in the field of culture, as well as the results of national reforms carried out with the aim of increasing and broadening participation.

Download and read the report here!

Showcase Gbg May 24!

A thousand thanks to those of you who came to MCV's showcase and recording evening at Musikens Hus last week! Hats off to all the great acts that played, and a big thank you to the audience for the good vibes! ❤

On Wednesday, around thirty VIP guests from the region's cultural life gathered to experience Showcase Gbg on the main stage of Musikens Hus! Buffet, mingling and four exclusive gigs in showcase format brightened the evening, and we thank everyone for their participation!

Extra big thanks to the acts Insomnia TaxiEldstorm, Paperwing and Folder3 who tore off each set, also during the recording of film and sound by Studio AVK Musikens Hus. In this way, we got the chance to show our digital platform and showcase channel Live Music From Sweden — a collaboration between Musikcentrum, Kulturutveckling, Export Music Sweden and Musik i Syd. The channel has existed since October 2021 and over 80 live videos are currently published in our showcase rooms. 🌟

Scan the LMFS channel here!

What is LMFS?

Our showcase platform Live Music From Sweden is a concert channel for professional Swedish music with high export readiness. The channel is used in international contexts, at fairs and showcase festivals where we expose concert videos to international bookers, agents and organizers. Behind LMFS stands Music center in association with Export Music Sweden, Cultural development VGR and Music in the South.