Are you a music creator or do you work in the music industry?

Apply to the music and equality initiative Keychange!

Application for Keychange 2023 is open — Key change talent development program addressed to you* who are either artists — or who work in the music industry in some way. It can be as A&R, in management or publishing, but also other professional groups in the music field such as radio journalists, music video directors and rights lawyers.

For the program, 74 professional music and industry practitioners are selected from 12 different countries to work on the next step in their careers. The application is open until September 28. Read more about the entire program, the project and the application here!

*to you who identify yourself based on a gender and/or gender identity that is underrepresented in the music industry.

Contact person: Mia Ternström
— Keychange Project Manager Sweden.


Sustain — webinars fall 2022


Musikcentrum's webinar series Sustain steam ahead this fall! Sustain's webinars are conducted online and are free for those who are members of Musikcentrum Syd, Väst or Öst, and who have paid the membership fee for 2022.

A selection of the autumn's upcoming webinars:

  • That's how you find the gig!
    Ragnar Berthling (operating manager Music Center East) and Karin Inde (Operation manager Musikcentrum Väst, formerly Swedish Jazz) tells you where the gigs are, how to book them and how to find the contacts. When: 31 August at 14.00 — 15.30
    Deadline for registration: 29 August. Registration link can be found in our latest member mailing.


  • Become a better booker!
    In the second webinar we meet Viktor Schwarz (founder of the booking company Komet Agency), who talks about how cooperation with a booking agent works. He also advises on structures and strategies for those who book for themselves! : 8 September at 14.00 — 15.30
    Deadline for registration: 6 September. Registration link can be found in our latest member mailing. 


  • Theme: Cultural mobility
    As an artist with an interest in working internationally, there is a lot you need to learn, which is not directly connected to the creative work. In the first webinar, learn Marie Fol (Cultural Mobility expert at On the Move) us everything we need to know about visas, taxation rules and permits. In the second conversation we hear Matthew Cowey (Tamizdat), in an overview of the various opportunities and resources that can help you who want to operate abroad; residency, scholarships and networks. Times and registration links will come later in our mailings!


  • Theme: Musician and parent
    What is it like to be a parent in the cultural sector and what needs to be done to improve the situation? On two occasions, we immerse ourselves in the conditions and challenges that exist for musicians who have children, among other things together with Cassie Raine, who is one of the founders of PiPA (Parents and carers in Performing Arts). Times and registration links will come later in our mailings!


  • The music industry consultant advises
    We have once again invited the esteemed lecturer Anna Dungal from ok agency. This fall, Anna will offer a release guide for those of you who are planning to release something new, but also a deep dive into how the industry works — different types of contracts, rights, money flows and lingo that can be good to keep track of as an independent artist. Times and registration links will come later in our mailings!


  • That's how we made an international career
    Meet the innovative folk music trio Dreamers' Circus in a conversation about how they established themselves as internationally recognized musicians — from start to finish. Times and registration links will come later in our mailings!


  • Psychological Strategies for Creatives
    How can we create better conditions for our creation by working with our psyche? Meet the psychologist Rosana Corbacho, who meets musicians in the therapy room and runs the organization MI Terapy, which aims to raise awareness of mental health in the music industry. Times and registration links will come later in our mailings!

Autumn courses at Musikalliansen

The Music Alliance offers a bunch of different courses with different music focuses during the autumn! These include:


  • Basic course in the recording and production program Logic Pro X — Online course that provides both basic and broad knowledge of Logic Pro X.  September 19-20. Info and registration.


  • Streaming — create your own home concert. Inspired by the "Tiny Desk" model, this full-day course teaches you how to produce and stream an intimate home concert with good picture and sound. November 22 and November 29. Info and registration.


  • Your freelance economy — The course is aimed both at freelancers who work as employees or through companies/companies. There will be a review of i.a. how the tax system works for freelancers with irregular incomes, and what to consider when alternating service and F-tax. November 15 (Malmö) and November 17 (Stockholm). Info and registration.


  • Courage, communication and presentation — As a professional musician, dancer or actor, presenting yourself and your skills is often about courage. Through simple but concrete presentation exercises, you get to prepare and formulate yourself for important meetings. September 27-30. Info and registration.


  • Business plan for 2023 — A tailored full-day course in workshop format with Sophie Marin from Art Dynamics. During this opportunity, you will have the opportunity to work through a business plan in a simple, intuitive and structured way. 24 October. Info and registration.

Greentopia @ Way Out West


Musikcentrum Väst participated in the climate meeting "Greentopia" during the Way Out West festival, August 11-13 in Gothenburg. The days offered exciting conversations about sustainability and climate issues in the event industry with various speakers and guests.

Here you can read more about Greentopia and who organized and participated

"We as organizations are a prototype place for society. It is about transformation when it comes to thinking climate- and environmentally friendly. To reset the systems that create problems in the first place. For example, laws and rules, behavior, power relations, redistributing resource flows, simply changing different relationships. Both to oneself, others, the planet and our history.”

With these words, the climate meeting began on day 1 and was followed up by a discussion about how Way Out West has made food, drink and travel available for artists and visitors. The festival has chosen to have only vegetarian food with several vegan options for sale. They also invite visitors and artists in Sweden and abroad to take the train to the festival.  

It was interesting to take part in the conversation around "The individual and commitment - social change" with Maxida Märak, Linnea Claesson and Luisine Djanyan (as is a member of the group Pussy Riot).

The conversation was for the most part about daring to influence politically and daring to engage in debate with dissenters. To use both brain and heart (both empathy and knowledge) to get the strongest arguments for one's cause. Maxida Märak talked about her work with reindeer and how she has seen nature change in the last 10-15 years. That new predators have migrated to where she lives due to climate change and that the ice is melting earlier - she sees the changes. A concrete tip that came up in the conversation was to be careful with which partners/sponsors you work with regarding the events you arrange and avoid collaborations with organizations that, for example, produce fossil fuels or the like. 

Luisine Djanyan from Pussy Riot talked about the hardening political climate in her native Russia. Something that Sweden's artists should also learn from.  

- In Russia, the state began to censor artists, then activists, and then they turned on the people. Don't let this happen in Sweden too", she said, among other things. 


Greentopia Day 2 @ Way Out West

The climate meeting day 2 began with a focus on "innovation, system change & structures" (with Spendrup's Anna Lindström, Houdini Eva Karlsson, Professor Henrik Österblom from the Stockholm Resilience Center and Louise König). The first part of the conversation was about being a progressive actor and the importance of collaborating with ambassadors such as activists, non-profit forces, zealots, etc. One tip they shared is to focus on one social problems within your organization, and then profile yourself around this and start the change work. 

"Being an activist is emotional".

They further talked about the theme of circularity - that is, sustainability - in production and that business needs to dare to be more political and courageous in their work. The concept of degenerative organizations was mentioned in the conversation, which is the opposite of "business as usual", which means those organizations that think they should contribute and give back to society. The conversation oscillated a lot between provocative themes and soft values ​​regarding expectations for business and their change work for sustainability and climate issues.

The next stop during day 2 was the theme “Travel and Behavior” (with the Swedish Road Administration, SJ, Västtrafik, Skjusgruppen, Niklas Jonsson from the booking company/agency Sustainable Punk as well as the organizer Little Björkö). We learned that road transport accounts for a large part of co2 emissions and that transport accounts for a third of co2 emissions globally. 90% of this third is accounted for by individual/car travel. An example worth considering is that the emissions generated when people get to the airport are greater than the emissions from the flight itself.

"Making it difficult to make it 'easier' for people." was also raised during the conversation about traveling and behaviour. This means not offering climate-negative alternatives, such as having a car park or taxi close to the event, which is "easier" than taking a bicycle or public transport. 

Lilla Björkö, which is a small-scale organizer in the countryside, inspired by their own concert bus that takes the audience to the venue. The trip is also included in the concert ticket! Another thought they shared is how important it is to think about how the tour route for artists is laid out. To create a coherent term of concert series or tours instead of booking separate gigs for artists. What is transported and what is already in place at the venues is also an important aspect in the planning work as an organizer.

The conversation continued with a discussion of "internalized values", which means that the artist's own values ​​are transferred to the audience in the form of the artist's behavior or political position. Artists can influence through their own climate-active work that reaches and influences the audience. 

The third point during day 2 was based on the theme "Climate change's textile and fashion industry". Here we learned that the overproduction of clothing itself constitutes a large part of the problem within the industry, which is a huge waste. It is sadly more common to overproduce something that is then sold out, than to risk having too few garments in stock so that there is not enough for the consumer. 

The technology itself for change already exists – it is the cultural part, the culture of consumption, that needs to change. It is about the culture — the technology — the politics. There was talk about not having too much faith in technology, but it is about our habits.

Elis, a clothing company for work clothes, has a collaboration with the City of Gothenburg. They look after and mend, wash the work clothes so they can be used again. This is called a circular system. Re-designing clothes means re-using a collection and re-stitching or modifying it for each occasion (eg with new logos/prints or designs for the purpose).



- A book about the event industry written by Climate LIve that deals with sustainability. Climate Live works with change and tries to reach people's hearts and commitment through events, concerts and festivals. The music industry's responsibility is to use the platform that exists, the exposure surface is large and worth taking advantage of.

– The Insta account Greenwashing Sweden, highlights companies that produce a product/service that better for the environment than it actually is. For example. BMW did a campaign about their recycled plastic mats for their car, and it was like 1% of the mats content was recycled.

- Don't forget to "walk the talk" - sometimes we risk talking more than we move forward. It is equally important to highlight and talk about the changes we actually create, so that we can inspire each other.

– Communication: which advertising should be seen? Which collaboration partners do we associate with us and what does that signal to the visitors of a festival?

- It is important to get the votes of the underrepresented. Look at the value and importance of culture in today's dark and rather dystopian world. It is also important to carry the political message and perspective with you and not forget those who do not agree, i.e. those who do not listen or who fight against the changes — that is sun we will reach


The Greentopia conference has given us at MCV many thoughts and ideas about what we as an organization could do more. From now on, for example, we intend to serve only vegetarian food at our events, try to find ways to stimulate greener travel in the service of music and, above all, start a more in-depth conversation about green conversion. 

Thanks to the organizers for two very inspiring Greentopia days during Way Out West! 


Performing arts fair for children and young people

The Västra Götaland region invites you to the Performing Arts Fair for children and young people on September 12 for you who work as a coordinator or organizer. Inspiration, lectures and a meeting place for networking with other organizers and those who have productions in the Kulturkatalogen väst. Read more and sign up here!

The artist board's deadlines in August:

-International exchange and travel allowance: application deadline NUMBER of August
-National residency at Studio Acusticum, Piteå: application deadline NUMBER of August

Read more under the art area 'Music' at The Artists' Committee's page for scholarships and grants.

The Academy of Culture is looking for a project manager

At the end of June, the Academy of Culture announced that they are looking for 2-3 project managers for skills development in Performing Arts, Music and Image and Form! Read more here.