MCV artists play west coast jazz in P2

When Jazzradion in P2 recently drew attention to Gothenburg got both Anders Boson Jazz Ensemble and Cacaphony represent the new west coast jazz.

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KuBo - that's how it works

This affects you who play for children and young people and has your base in the Gothenburg region.

The February 11 at 17 p.m. do you have the opportunity to participate in an exclusive digital meeting with Mia BjörklundIda Kaivola and Sofia Åhrman from Gothenburg's cultural administration, which tells about the cultural administration's new booking system, KuBo.

KuBo is a digital platform and booking site with cultural offerings for preschools, elementary schools and high schools. Free cultural practitioners in the Gothenburg region can apply to be included in the offer that is linked to the equalization grant within the City of Gothenburg.

The video meeting is held via Zoom.
Sign up no later than 10 February to You will then receive a link to the meeting.

KuBo is the City of Gothenburg's tool in the work to ensure that all Gothenburg's children and young people during their time in preschool and school have good and equal opportunities to take part in art and culture.

Nominate and come to the annual meeting!

17 oclock on March 15 holds Musikcentrum Väst annual meeting. The meeting is conducted digitally and as a member you can participate in principle no matter where you are.

You are still welcome to nominate new board members by contacting the nomination committee: Anders Waernelius or Helena Ha-Young Sul.

About the return of live music

What rules really apply to concerts right now?
And what might the restart of concert life look like?
An attempt to navigate current restrictions, bans and reports


On January 10, the new temporary pandemic law came into force. The Pandemic Act gives the government greater powers than before to decide on restrictions to curb the spread of infection. As early as January 8, a proposal for an updated ordinance came from the government. And at the latest press conference, the government announced that they will analyze and possibly update current restrictions every two weeks from now on - so it's important to keep up!

In addition to these two statutes, there is another interesting document to take part in. It is The Swedish Public Health Agency's feedback on government assignments regarding infection control measures in society. It focuses on the whole year 2021.

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How do you keep your creation alive?

The pandemic has paralyzed live music. How do you keep the creation alive?
We have asked some of our members to share their best tips.
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