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Musikcentrum Rik's three sister associations Musikcentrun South, East and West have a new common platform and website for Creative school Music.

Skapande Skola is about opportunities for children to encounter culture in a school environment. The focus is on children's and students' own creation, and it can both involve experiencing performances or participating in workshops.

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Manifest Gala 2024!

It's time for this year's Manifest Gala! On March 7, the gala takes over Norrköping, where the music industry recognizes and rewards artists and recordings released by independent record companies. Read more here

We are also proud as hell that our dear employee and fellow musician Terese Lien Evenstad is nominated in the jazz category for her album Movement! ☀️

We are of course also proud that the following MCV members are on the nomination list:

✦ Axel Sondén & Flyttfåglarna (show)
✦ Magnus Marcinkowski Pettersson (show)
✦ The Midnight Orchestra (show)
✦ The Gothenburg Combo (experimental)

Good luck and congratulations on the nominations! ✨

The manifesto gala is organized by Swedish Independent Music Producers (SOM)
together with the majority of partners.

The music alliance hires eight new musicians in 2024!

You who have freelanced as an instrumentalist, singer, chorister, musical artist or conductor in the last five years can register your application with Musikalliansen from 13 May to 1 July 2024. Employment starts on 1 November 2024.

The music alliance therefore offers freelance musicians a form of employment that reduces the differences between permanent employment and freelance activities. Those who are employed at Musikalliansen have a conditional basic employment and are on leave with salary deductions when they have assignments as freelance musicians.

Read more and apply here!

Seek project support and Pronto from the City of Gothenburg

Project support is support for you who are planning an art or cultural project in Gothenburg. The project must in some way be presented publicly and be accessible to the public – e.g. stage productions, music concerts, readings and exhibitions.

The application is open until March 20 at 12.00.
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In the future, Projektstöd Pronto can also be applied for! Pronto can be searched for anyone who wants to create an artistic work or organize a cultural event. A maximum of SEK 40.000 can be applied for.

The application is open between 27 March and 24 April.
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Report from Folk & Culture 2024!

February 8-9, 2024

For two days, Sara Aldén represented Musikcentrum Väst, National Music Centre and Live Music From Sweden - in an alternating collaboration with Mia Ternström from the Music Center Öst at Folk & Culture in Eskilstuna! During these two days, we stayed and networked in the Centrumbildningarna's booth together with representatives from, for example, the Center for Drama, the Center for Photography, the Circus Center, the Swedish Dance Center, the Film Center, the Writers' Center, the Illustrator's Center, the Arts and Crafts Center, the Artists' Center, the Series Promotion Center, the Theater Center and the Translation Center. On site, our activities and ongoing projects were presented, and we presented our members and musical acts.

The main purpose of our presence on site at Folk & Kultur was to participate in conversations and network in order to seek understanding and knowledge in the ongoing cultural policy debate and to find potential new ways forward in the work to enable music and art in society. The goal of attending Folk & Kultur was to seek connections and collaborations with the goal of creating cultural synergy effects where our members benefit.


– Quote from an unknown participant in the audience during a round table discussion led by the Musikalliansen (February 8, at Scenkonst Sörmland) 

Folk & Culture 2024 was emphasized and curated around conversations about art's ways forward and common challenges, but also about dream worlds and the visioning of what would be a "best case scenario" for Swedish musical life today when many seedbeds and driving benches in what is today called "the Swedish musical wonder" are now limited in the form of less resources to cultural schools and public education. Folk & Culture is a central meeting place for the Swedish music industry and during the fair the Music Center offered potential threads for future collaborations and work opportunities for our members by meeting curious and open potential collaboration partners.

On Thursday, February 8, I participated in a round table discussion about what the future might look like for musicians. The conversation revolved around who is being trained as a musician and how we create work for them. During Friday, I participated in a live coaching at the initiative of the Musicians' Association's women's committee together with MCV's board representative Aurelia Dey, who was there as a musician and lecturer. Those who were coached live were MCV's former operations manager Karin Inde, now in the capacity of chairman of the Musicians' Association - and Ludwig Verner, CEO of IFPI. Karin and Ludwig were coached in how they could contribute to creating a more equal and inclusive musical life based on their positions of power. The conversation was live streamed on the Musicians' Association's website and Facebook page and is still available here if one is curious about what answers were given to their specific questions.

Attending and participating in Folk & Culture 2024 is something that is also highly recommended for musicians, who get the chance to participate in knowledge production regarding how they can create a sustainable musicianship based on the given conditions that exist in Sweden today.

/Sara Aldén

Annual meeting March 12


Here is an invitation to the Music Center Väst's annual meeting on March 12 at 17.00-19.00.

Sandwiches and coffee are offered incl. coffee Tea. ☕

Come and make your voice heard, and take part in the year that has passed for MCV and our business! If you want to submit one or more motions to the meeting, we want them by February 26 at the latest.

Instructions on place, time and how to register (as well as submit exercise/s) can be found in MCV's latest member tips sent by email!

Warm welcome! 🔥

Don't miss the ExMS export guide!

— Release music internationally: on your own

On Export Music Sweden's website you will find various export guides, i.a. one on how to release your music on the international stage on your own!

"That it has never been easier to release music on your own is a constantly recurring saying in the music industry. But how true is that? In short, very true.”

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