Music at the Theater

Music at the Theater

Musikcentrum Väst has for several seasons run the concert series Music at the Library in the Västra Götaland region. Now we are embarking on our new venture Music in the theater and the goal is to put 30 concerts on your stages - 15 concerts in the autumn of 2021 and 15 concerts in the spring of 2022.

You pay a uniform amount for each concert regardless of the size of the musical act and together with Riksteatern Väst, Västra Folkets Hus and Parkregionen, ABF Västra Götaland with funding from VGR, there will be very high quality live music by MCV's members on a stage near you. How does it work in practice?

Selection - nomination

We have made a selection of artists for Music at the Theater according to certain criteria: - Gender equality. - Previous participation. - Genre breadth - Number of musicians in the group. - That the music can be performed in a room with little or no amplification. See all the artists below!

You choose!

MCV nominates artists from which the participating organizers can choose. Each organizer undertakes to book one to several concerts. The cost for a booked concert is set at SEK 8000 which MCV then invoices you. All artist bookings are made via Mikael Godée.

Solo, duo or trio?

This is mostly what the budget and the venue / stage allow, but of course there are exceptions as we have had larger groups.
If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact the MCV office.

Your contact for Music at the Theater
Mikael Godée 031-144807


(3-12 years)
Two different performances for children and young people!
Lots of singing, percussion and learning stories

Immortal songs about impossible love. Beautiful
boleros from the 40's dance palace in Havana,
performed with style, turn and passion

Unique setting and expressive musicianship.
Unusual repertoire of "North Sea music".

Duo with influences from indie people, americana
and pop. Voice singing and lovely melodies.

It Became a Handicap is a squeak
wagon wheel travel through the wilderness.

Skrönor and Skrän! Stories from the past
Singing and music in a burlesque and humorous mix.

A beautiful, virtuoso and entertaining
music experience with skilled duo playing.

A musical, humorous and gentle
insane concert cabaret
KG Malm & Mika Olavi

Many interpretations of Dan Andersson's poetry have been made
but seldom has he been portrayed as a cheerful cuckoo,
rather like a gloomy ponderer.

Unique contemporary Nordic folk music. Group
counts as one of the absolute supergroups of the genre
since the 80s