Music at the library - participating artists 2021-2022

Kristian Anttila
Singing songs about the distortions of life. Ingmar Bergman scholarship recipient Kristian Anttila boils down to his almost 20-year artist career in an intimate, narrative acoustic solo performance.

La Fuite
The jazz trio that fled into the music. The trio La fuite, which in French means escape, has been seen on stages in France, England and Sweden with their own written music. A music that is re-created each time in a breathtaking process. A sound world that only exists in the present, then it has moved away.

Mathias Melo
A fast-paced acoustic guitarist with an emphasis on delicious chord sequences, groove and rhythm. A singer with an elastic, light voice that immediately makes the listener listen. A stylish songwriter with a well-thought-out message that runs like a common thread through his life-affirming lyrics.

Olle Linder
You have probably heard him, more or less consciously. Because Olle plays everywhere. Nowadays mostly in what is called folk or world music and often together with artists such as Ale Möller, Simone Moreno and Celtic Roots

Stinas Visor
With their second album "Medan bäcken brusar" the group offers its own, playful mix of e.g. Swedish and Irish folk music, show and bluegrass. The everyday texts contain both small and large questions about life and topics such as relationships, bicycles and dancing at home on the kitchen floor.

Maria Pihl & Per Johansson
"Life is like a sunshine"
Songs that reach the heart of tango music's first superstar Carlos Gardel.

Kalle Berlin
Tage Danielsson and I. Kalle Berlin's own compositions of Tage Danielsson's poems are mixed with songs from the repertoire of Swedish words. Humor, seriousness, swing and energy!

With passion, sincerity and closely harmonized voices, Irmelin performs her songs where a diversity of emotional expression and improvisation gives life to both traditional folk music and newly composed.

Kulturbyrån GIRA
In the performance KALASET, young and old are offered fun songs, surprises and cozy mischief. It bubbles and mills, swings and swings. Everyone can be filled with the joy of singing and dancing together. HURRAY HURRAY HURRAY!

“Is it cozy to whisper among mulberries and cicadas in a tree? How well can we fall asleep in a hammock with a hissing rattle? It can be difficult to sleep when the stuffed animals jump and dance. ”

Jaded Jane
Cosmic Pop rooted in songwriting. Self-written music that creates a world of melodies and lyrics that reflect the time we live in.

Celtic Duo
The Celtic duo's repertoire is taken from the rich Celtic folk music tradition, and consists of everything from fiery jigs and reels to melancholic songs.

A unit of newly composed music, poetry and improvisation.
Music by Karin Johansson in the borderland between composition and improvisation with lyrics by Tomas Tranströmer, Jenny Willén and Karin. Tomas Tranströmer's texts are the starting point, images from the present about the complexity and simplicity of life.

Trio Diktoton
With storytelling, poems and music, two of our foremost poets are honored in two different performances.