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Music at the Library - musical experiences that reach the entire region!

Musik på Biblioteket is an annual concert series organized by Musikcentrum Väst. Each season, a careful selection of MCV's artists perform concerts in various libraries around Västra Götaland. In this year's season, we have the pleasure of presenting 11 fantastic acts with a total of 27 artists and musicians, who will offer 22 memorable concerts in 14 different libraries. Music at the Library is carried out with the support of the Västra Götaland region.

You will find current artists for 2023-2024 below. If you have any questions or want to make a booking, contact the project manager Terese Lien Evenstad by emailing or calling 031-144808.

Tour schedule 2023/2024

Tour schedule 2022/2023

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Written & said about the project

Felicia Eklöf
conveys down-to-earth and honest stories about their experiences, like postcards from different places, meetings and moments in life. With her personal expression and poetic lyrics, Felicia conveys timeless messages that grab hold of the listener. Together with Kristian Wolski on the zither and Tobias Johansson on the piano, Felicia Eklöf forms a modern folk music trio that touches - without losing the roots of tradition.

Anna Gustavsson/Lina Ekdahl duo
presents the performance "Ett Sömnspel" which premiered in 2021 at Atalante. Now the musician and composer Anna Gustavsson and the poet Lina Ekdahl make a duo version. Text and music are woven together in a dream-like or highly awake and sharp presence. "Poor sleep, or no sleep at all, is the popular disease of our time. A good sleep is highly prized, has a high status, but is rare and cannot be bought with money. We comfort the sleepless and wake the sleepy."

seamlessly weaves together improvisation, Western classical music and Taiwanese folk music. The result is a unique timbre landscape, as bold as it is fragile, filled with melancholic beauty. The group consists of three distinct musical voices with roots in Sweden, Spain and Taiwan.

Ann Elkjär & Rhythm Art Duowant to resume the tradition - more flute and percussion music for the chamber music audience! The trio works closely with several living composers, which means that the program is constantly renewed. The trio is usually praised for virtuosic playing in a new but lovely world of sound, a close audience contact and concert experiences with a twinkle in the eye, but also for popular and slightly humorous presentations.

The Storm Rider sounds like Freddie Mercury in the meeting with St. Bridget. Gothenburger Julia Stokes goes by the stage name Stormryttaren and plays dreamy art pop in a small format. The Storm Rider invites you to a beautiful journey filled with passion, contemplation and hope that will make the audience both laugh and cry. The rider's colorful and expressive voice intertwines with the pulsating piano – creating a heartfelt union of both fragility and primeval power.

Su Andersson form a duo together with Axel Jane where together they perform the show 'Train Stories' which is based on a train journey that took place in 2019. Su traveled through 15 states in the USA and got inspiration for new music. “The journey starts early. Several months before the departure date, I start traveling in my imagination. Chicago, Illinois. Taste it. This is where the real journey begins. The train takes 52 hours to San Francisco, California. The journey continues towards Los Angeles and Flagstaff, Arizona and back east across the great expanses with a final stop in New York.”

Susanne Lindh & Marco Rios in front of the lovely children's and family show "Come, come again" where Susanne and Marco offer songs, rhythms, dances, movements and rhymes that everyone can join in on. How about trying what tempo a cobbler works best, finding out who can silence the frog sitting underwater and singing its most beautiful tune or how to say hello in different languages? Come, come again!

Top class is a young and promising trio that in the fall of 2022 made a successful debut into the hearts of jazz lovers. With the vision to create music without frames or limitations, they pave a new way in Sweden's jazz landscape. Top class is a guitar trio, but still a bass trio and a drum trio. With their music, the trio has opened a door where jazz is a game and the classical roles that belong to each instrument are challenged.

Django's dream
is a trio from Gothenburg that plays jazz music in the spirit of Django Reinhardt. The music is also called Jazz Manouche and has its starting point in the 30s swing and the French song treasures. The group consists of two guitars and a double bass - with energetic and swinging playing as a signature!

In the midst of roses
presents the concert program "Tenk lik liv!"
Was it really better before? Brita Lindgren (vocals), Patrick Rydman (vocals) and Anders Persson (piano) offer a collection of songs from the 60s and 70s. Hasse & Tage, Povel Ramel, Lill Lindfors, Östen Warnebring, Beppe Wolgers and others contribute with their tones, thoughts and texts.

Romance of the week "...The sea blooms rare pale, houses and trees in dreams stand..." It is easy to be inspired by our local poets. Greta, Rosa and Ebba were so inspired that it became music - and what music! Amanda Elvin and Karin Fjellander from the YouTube channel Veckans romans directs attention to three late composers whose songs reflect the sea, ooze bitterness and awaken dreams. Everything according to our motto: She fits one song at a time!