Music at the library

Fia Ekberg is one of 15 files that can be booked in 2022/2023.
High quality music for the whole region!

Music in the library is an annual concert series produced by Musikcentrum Väst. Every season, a selection of MCV's artists perform concerts in libraries around Västra Götaland and during the last season, 14 artists performed 42 concerts in 15 libraries.

You will find current artists and more information at the links below!

Ask your questions and make your bookings to project manager Terese Lien Evenstad, or phone 031-144808.

Contact email to participating libraries:

Nominated artists 2022-2023

Music in the library - that's how it works

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Music at the library is carried out in close collaboration with ABF and with the support of the Västra Götaland region.

Music at the library - Program 2022-2023

13 acts perform 37 concerts at 13 libraries

Participating files
Log Lady, Thymeshift Electronix, Lina Nyberg Trio, Stråf, Frödingkvartetten, Pop-Up Schubert, Vanja Modigh, Tzeitel, Pireus, Vier Brillen, Thilini & Erik, My Dear Companion and Fia Ekberg duo.

Floda, Ale, Kinna, Lerum, Gråbo, Lidköping, Lysekil, Munkedal, Sjövik, Skara, Svenljunga, Sätila, Ulricehamn,

September 2022
22 Sep, at 18:00, Fröding Quartet, Munkedal Library
23 Sept, at 16:00, Fröding Quartet, Lykkeskolan Kinna
27 Sep, at 18:00, My Dear Companion, Svenljunga Library
Sept. 28, 18:30 p.m., My Dear Companion, Lysekil Library
Sept. 30, 17 p.m., My Dear Companion Ulricehamn Library
29 Sep, at 18:00, Thilini & Erik, Sätila Library

Dezember 2022
Oct. 5, 17 p.m., My Dear Companion, Ale Library
6 Oct, at 18:30, My Dear Companion, Lidköping Library
17 Oct, at 18:00, Vier Brillen, Skara Library
Oct. 18, 18 p.m., Pop-Up Schubert, Skara Library
Oct 19, at 18:00, Fia Ekberg (duo), Skara library
Oct 20, at 16:00, Stråf, Lerums Library
Oct. 21, 10 a.m., Pop-Up Schubert, Floda Library
Oct 21, at 16:00, Stråf, Lykkeskolan Kinna (ord. Program)
Oct 22, at 14:30, Stråf, Lysekil Library (children's performance)
22 Oct, 11:00, Pop-Up Schubert, Munkedal Library

November 2022
Nov 1, at 11:00, Pop-up Schubert, Lidköping City Library
Nov 18, at 16:00, Vier Brillen, Lykkeskolan Kinna
29 Nov, at 18:00, Vanja Modigh, Svenljunga Library

January 2023
19 Jan, at 18:00, Log Lady, Munkedal Library
24 Jan, at 19:00, Tzeitel, Gråbo Library
Jan. 25, 17 p.m., Tzeitel, Ale Library

February 2023
Feb. 1, 18:30 p.m., Log Lady, Lysekil Library
16 Feb, at 18:00, Piraeus, Munkedal Library
Feb 10, at 16:00, Lina Nyberg trio, Lykkeskolan Kinna
14 Feb, at 18:00, Fia Ekberg (duo), Svenljunga library
15 Feb, at 19:00, Fia Ekberg (duo), Lidköping library
Feb. 15, 17 p.m., Log Lady, Ale Library
17 Feb, at 17:00, Fia Ekberg (duo), Ulricehamn City Library

March 2023
March 9, at 14:00, Thymeshift Elektronix, Skara Library (children / young people performance)
March 24, at 17:00, Lina Nyberg trio, Ulricehamn City Library
March 17, at 12:00, Stråf, Lidköping Library
March 18, at 11:00, Stråf, Munkedal Library (children's show)
March 21, at 14:00, Fröding Quartet, Lerum Library
March 31, at 16:00 p.m., Vanja Modig, Lyckeskolan Kinna

April 2023
Apr 4, at 14:00, Stråf, Skara library (children's show)
5 Apr, at 17:00, Stråf, Ale Library
Apr 25, at 18pm, Log Lady, Skara Library