Music in the library - that's how it works

Musikcentrum Väst has for twelve seasons (2020 -21) run the concert series Music at the Library in the Västra Götaland region. Each season involves 40-60 concerts at 14-15 libraries. The libraries pay a uniform sum for each concert and together with funding from ABF Västra Götaland, there will be very high-quality live music by MCV's members sometimes on the bookshelves. How does it work in practice?

Selection - nomination

MCV makes a selection of artists for Music at the Library according to certain criteria: - Gender equality. - Previous participation. - Genre breadth - Number of musicians in the group. - That the music can be performed in a library room with little or no amplification.

Libraries choose

MCV nominates artists from which the participating libraries can choose. Each library undertakes to book at least four concerts.

Solo, duo or trio?

This is mostly what the budget and the library premises allow, but of course there are exceptions as we have had larger groups. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact the MCV office.

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