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Are you aiming for a future as an artist or musician? Apply for membership in Musikcentrum NY

Musikcentrum NY is for you who invest in becoming a musician or artist but may currently be studying music or have the ambition to eventually become a *professional musician. Membership is a way to be part of MCV's large network of freelance professional musicians, come to our member meetings and certain continuing educations, and receive our mailings with all possible collected information that is relevant to you who want to work as a musician. We will also be there as a resource for you to brainstorm thoughts and ideas. You will not appear on our website or be part of our mediation as a member of Musikcentrum NY, because a different application is required and you must be able to say you are a professional musician to apply. *Being a professional musician means that you are actively working as a musician part-time/full-time (with plans to record albums, go on tour, book gigs, etc.) or that the profession of musician generates all/parts of your income. Membership costs SEK 150 per year.
  • ATTENTION! No social security number, only year of birth so that we can see the age distribution of our members.
  • Feel free to write if you sing and/or what instrument you play, genre(s) and musical references, if you are studying music and your thoughts about the future.
  • Note! Type or paste the entire full link (incl. http://www...)
  • Maximum file size 50 MB.
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  • Max file size: 50 MB.
  • When you submit your application, you agree that Musikcentrum Väst will save the information for a maximum of one year after a possible exit from the association, as well as sending members information via email. When you press send, you guarantee and approve that the information provided is used in MCV's operations, i.e. registration in MCV's membership register. No data will be published.
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