Your membership

To get the most out of your membership:

Notify MCV if you change contact information

Email or call us if you change contact person, e-mail, telephone number etc.

Update your MCV page regularly

With info, sounds, photos etc.

Post your gigs / events in our concert calendar

If you upload your gigs, they will also be sent out in our digital mailings, This week's concert tips, Every week. You will find more information on how to set up events, when you have logged in.

Let us know gigs you received via your MCV page / MCV

Ask the organizers when you will be booked if the mediation took place via MCV.

Contact us to talk about your work situation and future plans

Update the artist brokers at the MCV office about what you and your group are doing! New record, new programs, new setting… or have you taken a break? If we know more, we can convey you better!

Link to your MCV page from your own website

Do not forget to link to your MCV page from your other pages on the web, so you will be more easily found by search engines. The direct address of your MCV page can be found on your page.

Feel free to come to our meetings and give feedback on the association's work

We work for our members.

Feel free to come up with ideas for projects, seminars and the like

We welcome project ideas; events, concert series and the like. A condition for a possible collaboration and financial support is that several MCV artists participate. Contact us or send a project description with a budget.

Poster support

Artists in MCV can apply for financial support for the production of concert posters with up to SEK 1000.