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To become a member, you need:

  • That you have a high musical and stage quality with your own artistic expression.
  • That you work professionally with music.
  • That you are a freely active musician.

Membership - artist / group

You apply for a membership as an artist (solo artist or group) with a current concert program that MCV can convey. The application is assessed by a reference group and then you will be notified if you are approved. There are certain requirements you must meet in order to become a member. The requirements exist for MCV to be able to maintain a high quality of the range. Being a member of MCV means a stamp of quality.

Artist / group membership at MCV costs SEK 350 / year & artist program.

Application to MCV - artist / group

Membership - composer / composer

Who can apply as a composer / composer?

To be able to become a member of MCV, you must be professional and freelance.
Your main occupation should be as a composer / composer.
Each application is assessed by a reference group. There, a number of different things that the applicant states in the application form are taken into account.
From you who apply, we want i.a. have a list of works, sounding sounds and preferably written documentation.

Important to know: We aim to be able to function as a network and map partners / clients, but also see what opportunities there are to do projects with a focus on composer / composer. As a member of MCV, you can come up with ideas about how MCV should work in order to become a resource.

Membership Composer / composer at MCV costs SEK 350 / year.

Application to MCV - Composers and Composers

Membership - music performance for children & young people

When you apply for membership with a musical performance aimed at children and young people, special requirements apply. The application is assessed by a reference group and then you will be notified if you are approved. Applications to Children / young people must always be seen by the reference persons alt. watch a good quality video recording. Contact the MCV office if you have questions and concerns about this.

Application - children / young people

Membership - individually

Musicians who do not have a specific program to present on our website can still apply for membership and then be part of our network and receive our membership letters, invitations to seminars, continuing education and membership meetings. But you are not published as an artist on MCV's website and are not part of the artist agency.

Individual membership costs SEK 100 / year.

Application - individually

MCV is a non-profit association for professional, freelance musicians.

Our main aims are to work for a diverse, artistic and strong musical life, to support our members in their musical activities, to safeguard the interests of the freely active musicians and to strengthen the role of live music in society.

MCV has over 700 members in about 300 artist programs. We who work at MCV are musicians ourselves and have solid knowledge and experience of the music industry.

In 2011, Musikcentrum formed a national association together with its sister organization Musikcentrum Öst, which significantly strengthens the opportunities for an offensive broadening of the labor market for free musicians.

Our main work is to create more jobs for our members, we do this, among other things, by being a free artist agency, but being a member of MCV also provides more than the artist agency itself.

We work to:

  • Communicate our artists' music offerings free of charge
  • Initiate and collaborate on projects
  • Strengthen the members' labor market competence
  • Promote organizer development
  • Take an active part and stimulate debate on cultural policy issues concerning the free music life

We work wholeheartedly to create and convey gigs to our members. MCV helps you reach your audience through our good relationships with a variety of organizers. As a member, you will be part of a large network of freely active musicians from all over Sweden. We increase our members' knowledge of the industry and are available with tips and advice. We organize seminars and skills development and are happy to share our experience. MCV is a cultural policy actor that works to improve the situation of professional musicians.

As a member you get:

  • Free brokerage of your program to create gigs
  • A separate presentation page on our website
  • Be part of a large network
  • Invitation to seminars / member meetings / workshops
  • Opportunity to rent the association's mini-PA
  • Opportunity to receive poster support
  • Opportunity to spread info about your public concerts
  • MCV's member mailing with information, tips & offers
  • Tips & support, access to reference literature & organizer register
  • Monitoring of important issues for freely active musicians