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Musikcentrum Ny is for you who invest in becoming a musician or artist but may currently be studying music or have the ambition to eventually become a professional musician. Membership is a way to be part of MCV's large network of freelance professional musicians, come to our member meetings and certain continuing educations, and receive our mailings with all possible aggregated information that is relevant for you who want to work as a musician.

This spring, Musikcentrum Väst (MCV) together with Sensus will organize four coaching meetings in collaboration with Open Stage & Mind. These are aimed at you who are a future professional musician or artist who has not yet established yourself in the music industry. To participate in these coaching meetings, you need to be a member of "Musikcentrum Ny" at Musikcentrum Väst or be active in a Sensus study circle. Your membership gives you the opportunity to register your interest in the upcoming meetings.

Musikcentrum Ny (MCNY): Start the year with Coaching meetings in collaboration with Open Stage & Mind and Sensus 🎤🎶

The spring meetings focus on various exercises where we discuss challenges related to motivation, mental and physical preparation before concerts, management of thoughts and feelings after concerts, simulation and communication on stage with the audience, as well as management of performance anxiety and stress, etc.


Start-up meeting | January 11 | 18:00-19:00 – (digital)

During this meeting, Musikcentrum Väst will introduce and discuss an action plan that will be sent out on 8/1 to all members within MCNY. This enables an interactive session where members have the opportunity to ask questions and together we go through the content of the action plan.
Zoom link can be found here



(I.e.Hit #1: Motivate more | January 16 | 18:00-20:30 (Census premises)

About how you set goals and create motivation for your work using various tools and exercises. You get tips on what to do when motivation is lacking. An interactive meeting that also teaches you more about the brain and its connection to the body. 


(I.e.Hit #2: Visualizations | February 21 | 18:00-20:30 (Census premises)

About, like athletes, listening and going in mentally before upcoming assignments (concerts). We engage the senses through various exercises. How to better prepare for concerts and for the emotions that arise. And how you deal with feelings and thoughts afterwards. 


(I.e.Hit #3: Simulations | March 12 | 18:00-20:30 (Census premises)

About communication on stage as a musician and artist. What signals are we sending to ourselves, our colleagues and the audience? We address performance anxiety, communication, nervousness, stress, etc. An interactive meeting where we simulate a performance. 


(I.e.Hit #4: Mind and Body | April 9 | 18:00-20:30 – Mind and body (Sensus premises)

About how everything is connected. You get to experience grounding, stability and freedom in your body. And work with the brain's influence on the body. We boost ourselves with functional thoughts. 


RSVP to no later than 2 days before the first meeting on January 16 to register for all spring meetings. We would love for you to participate in all of them, as they are connected to each other (if you can only attend 2-3 meetings, that's ok).  

Address for Sensu's premises where all meetings take place: Drottninggatan 30, 411 14 Gothenburg (near Brunnsparken)


Here you will find more information about who can apply to Musikcentrum Ny

1 year membership at Musikcentrum Ny costs 150;

You apply here (easy application!)

The age limit for membership is 18 + and above. 

If you do not want to become a member, you can pay 150 ;- to Sensus for each individual inspiration meeting. Are you already a member of Sensus? Then contact Ammi Johansson, to take part in the inspiration meetings.