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Thymeshift, Jazz&Blues in Alvesta (Alvesta)

24 September at 18 - 22:30

Thymeshift is a thinking, dynamic and innovative collective that moves in various borderlands between rock / jazz / electronic / acoustic / improvised.
Since the start in 2010, the Swedish musicians Johan Björklund, Thomas Gunillasson and Thomas Backman have carved out their very own expression. 
On their own but also, for example, together with Icelandic guitarist Hilmar Jensson and Danish sound artist Katrine Amsler, the group has formed a powerful, responsive unit that can take the road anywhere. With Jensson, "Beyond Horizons" was released in 2015 and with Amsler "Dark Lights" in 2021.
Other projects that the group has initiated and implemented are e.g.
The Sonic E with the release “Dope Regards” in 2017 and the mini big band Thymeshift United who released the critically acclaimed album “Music Outside Boxes” October 2021.
Now comes the next formation and with a partially new expression. In keyboardist John Lönnmyr, the group has taken a big step into an electro-analog beat-based future that also has plenty of creative glances at the history of jazz/rock/whatever music.In 2023, the next plate will be released, but we are already offering a real foretaste IRL
Come hungry and curious, this is music without barriers or blinders. 


September 24
18:30 - 22:30 CET