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New York Clock: 24 Hour Film & Piano Experience – House of Possibilitas [Gothenburg]

2022-09-24 kl 12:00 - 2022-09-25 kl 12:00

The New York Clock is a cutting-edge 24 hour silent film documentary of New York City. Played on a loop, the constant motion in the city that never sleeps is a cinematic city symphony. A project 10 years in the making, filmmakers Americk Lewis and Nicholas Sosin flew in 7 international artists, many from Paris. They spent over 10 months filming this art piece in 2015 capturing NYC in its 4 different seasons in 5 distinct boroughs. It never loses its vintage and almost timeless feel. In total, 1440 clips were selected by the directors and stitched together from a thousand unique perspectives and angles to make 24 hours, all synchronized to the time of day.
24 hours, 24 pianists, 24th of September.
24th of September
12:00 Aringa Bagheri / Igor Bäck
13:00 Joona Toivanen
14:00 Madeleine Birgenius
15.00 Helen Sällfors
16:00 Willy Wong
17:00 Lars Erik Norrström
18:00 Olesia Pupina
19:00 Ida Gillner
20:00 Sara Sjödahl
21:00 Val Giamo
22:00 Axel Olsson Jaded Jane
23:00 Daniel Stahre
24:00 Kajsa Åkerflo
25th of September
01:00 Erik Dahl
02:00 Billy Eriksson
03:00 Fabian Kallerdahl
04:00 Insomnia Taxxi/Emil Nilses
05:00 Olimpia Dynarek
06:00 Karin Johansson
07:00 August Moni
08:00 Ulf Nomark
09:00 Helena Ha-Young Sul
10:00 Anders Jansson
11:00 All My Friends Are Stars
You can buy a ticket for the entire 24 hour event, but there are also tickets for one hour/concert.
The event will be streamed, tickets on Billetto.se
Organizer: House of Possibilitas in collaboration with Musikcentrum Väst and supported by Gothenburg City.


2022-09-24 kl 12:00
2022-09-25 kl 12:00


House of Possibilities
Granåsgatan 2
Hisings Backa, The county of West Sweden 422 44 Sweden
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