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New Tide Orquesta, release concert at Skeppet (Gothenburg)

2022-12-13 kl 19:00 - 23:00


Path-seeking veterans are ambivalent about repetitions

New disc Pattern Outside with New Tide Orquesta is out October 28th

Acclaimed New Tide Orquesta has been supported and soaked on tours all over the world for a quarter of a century. They have made music for films, TV series, theater and dance performances. Now comes their ninth album, Mönster Outside. About not fitting in, or wanting to wiggle out.

With composer Per Störby Jutbring at the helm, New Tide Orquesta has, on so far eight albums and countless international tours, developed a completely unique playing style; a wayward mix of modern chamber music, nuevo tango, minimalism and free improvisation. As permanent outsiders, they feel just as at home in a concert hall in Beijing or the October Palace in Kyiv as in a tango club in Buenos Aires or a jazz club in Istanbul.

And it is precisely the outsider role that is dissected on the new record Pattern Outside. For a number of years, the orchestra worked together with the American choreographer Sidra Bell and her dance company. The result was a performance that was given in New York and New Orleans and also on a couple of occasions in Sweden. The title is a play on words and thought model. The pattern (template) as a monster (without dots in English) to relate to or be devoured by. Being an outsider, involuntarily or by choice, is a definition that depends on an opposite pole, a pattern, template or norm.

Per Störby Jutbring never ceases to be fascinated by patterns in music, how small themes can repeat and create walls of slowly changing sounds. But at the same time on another level: A desire to free oneself from norms and templates, to surprise and stand aside, that has been Pers and New Tide Orquesta's lifeblood since the start in the 90s. For example: The group was called New Tango Orquesta until the audience began to expect tango, then it was time to change, twist out, find a new way. Maybe that's why the band has survived the 25-year mark and still has the feeling of being right at the beginning of something.

The vinyl, sparingly designed by the artist Sanna Haverinen, contains music both from the show but also, in honor of the anniversary, a couple of reinterpretations of old New Tide Orquesta songs.

The music is recorded on Sweden's radio in Stockholm in the middle of the pandemic, by Johan Adling.

Per Störby Jutbring – bandoneon, synthesizer
Life North – violin quinton
Johanna Dahl - cello
Josef Kallerdahl - double bass
Thomas Gustavson – piano

Opens at 18pm already.
On stage at approx. 20.00 (possibly as early as 19.30).


19 - 00 p.m. CET


Amerikagatan 2, 41463
Gothenburg, Sweden 41324 Sweden
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