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Mother Dances, SKEPPET GBG (Gothenburg)

15 June at 19: X - 23:00

Trion Mor Dansar arranges and plays music written by the Swedish cultural profile Allan Edwall. The ingenious and highly relevant lyrics, the simple and popular melodies combined with the trio's beautiful sound and creativity have made Mor Dansar a lovable trio with listeners of all ages. On Viola da Gamba, double bass and vocals, they take on Edwall's song treasure with great musicality. Mor Dansar released his debut album Rent på Tok in November 2021. The music magazine LIRA listed it as the Visto interpretation of the year in its list of the best albums of 2021.
In June 2023, the sequel to this will be recorded, so the evening offers new hits!

Sofia Källman - Song
Boel Mogensen - Double Bass
Adam Grauman - Viola Da Gamba

This is a mixed evening with guests from near and far, too
Will Orchard (US) and Jess Kerber (US) play during the evening.
Check out this lovely summer evening on the ship!