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Hey amigo! Marco Rios & Natalie Knutzen, Tensta library, Stockholm

19 at XNUM: XNUM - 15:00

Hi friends Marco - Natalie 2021

Hey amigo! Marco Rios & Natalie Knutzen

When the music, rhythms, movements and lyrics invite you to participate, it becomes easier to learn to sing, dance, count and greet in different languages.
The days of the week are filled with activities and they swing forward, one after the other while the children in their imagination help to wash clothes, wash dishes, fish, paint and clean.

Counting in different languages ​​can be exciting in itself, but counting every other time, jumping on one leg, running fast, stomping your feet and afterwards counting backwards during calypso, reggae or samba beats, it becomes a completely different thing.

How about a "choreographed hip hop dance" where everyone gets to participate and learn to rap

Spot on for the younger kids. So bring a bunch of them and enjoy a short, joyful concert.

Marco Rios & Natalie Knutzen, perform in children's music and also for adults all over Sweden.
CDs, singles and videos are available on libraries, Spotify, YouTube and other digital channels.

Free entrance!



NUMBER of August
14:00 - 15:00