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Embla dance & theatre. "The Trees"

16 June at 14: X - 15:00

Site-specific performance. The trees

14.00 oclock
The trees are part of Embla dance and theater GREEN MOVEMENT LAB where we work with the theme of the climate crisis seen from a relational perspective; a more equal relationship between man and nature. With the performance, we want to point forward more than state that the situation is urgent. We want to show a way where, with increased connection to the trees and nature, a change in behavior, we can create a real difference. This is well established in climate research, which points to a stronger connection to nature as something that can slow down the current development.
Anna Wennerbeck – dance, choreography
Lina Lundin – dance
Anders Hagberg – music, composition


June 16
14:00 - 15:00


Mariagården, Stenungsund
Stenungsund, + Google Map