Creative School - In the middle of the application period for 2022

Right now, all principals, municipal coordinators, school principals and more - are in the process of applying for money from the Cultural Council for Creative School projects. If you have a Creative School program that is presented in, for example, Kulturkatalogen Väst or at skapandeskolamusik.se in other words, it is good that it is updated and current.

Do you have questions about this? Get in touch lars@mcv.se

Apply for the course Music Industry VGR

The Academy of Culture's application to andra the round for the education "Music industry VGR" is now open! The course aims to map and strengthen your network in the music industry in VGR, and provides lots of tips on useful tools and development opportunities for your musicianship.

Apply by January 23. Read more about the education here.





Irish cultural workers can receive pandemic pay

The other day, radio P1 went out with the news that Ireland is in the process of introducing a basic income to culture creators to get on their feet in the suites of the pandemic. The project goes by the name Basic Income for the Arts and is now out for consultation, with a deadline of 27 January.

Our operations manager and chairman of KLYS, Karin Inde, spoke directly in Ekot and SR Kultur with a call to the Swedish Minister of Culture to be inspired by Ireland's long-term perspective for future crisis support for cultural life. It will take several years for the country's cultural practitioners to fully recover from the pandemic, and with the new restrictions, new crisis support is in a hurry.

Hear the whole segment here.

Do you want help with applying for the Artists' Committee's work scholarship?

February 24 is the deadline for applying to the Artists' Board's work scholarship.

Have you not yet set up a system to apply for this annually? Then it's high time! MCV helps to get started. Or is it just a notified situation to sharpen your application skills?

Register for one of our two digital application workshops on 8 Feb at 14-15.30 or on 15 Feb at 18-19.30. Together we go through the form and share knowledge and experience. And the goal is that you should have come a long way in filling in your own application when the stay is complete. "First come first served.

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New restrictions that affect us

Due to the increased spread of infection, the government today presented new restrictions due to the increased spread of infection. The restrictions affect an already very scarred music life and we assume that new crisis support will therefore be presented shortly. The new measures will now take effect on Wednesday (January 12) and are currently expected to remain in place until mid-February, but they will be reconsidered every 14 days.

Below we have tried to compile those that influence musicians and artists:

For concerts (public events in general) with more than 20 participants, only seated participants are allowed and the participants must be divided into groups of a maximum of 8 people. There must also be at least 1 meter between the parties. Exceptions exist for religious ceremonies where standing participants are allowed. For events with more than 50 participants, a vaccination certificate is required, but also the above rules. 

For fairs with more than 50 participants, vaccination certificates will be required. In addition, there is a requirement for an area of ​​at least 10 sqm per person.

For restaurants requirements of a maximum of eight people per party will apply, 1 meter between the parties and only seated guests. Closing no later than 23:XNUMX.

In addition to this, there is advice all adults to limit the number of close contacts indoors and that those who can work at home should do so. 

Read all restrictions here.

Many thanks to everyone who came to our Christmas party <3

And especially thanks to Christina Kjellsson (pictured) and Paula of Malmborg Ward which stood for the golden edge in the form of two small fantastic concert candies !!

At the party we also thanked Mikael Godée who after long (the longest so far…?) and fantastic service at MCV retires at the turn of the year. This is something that we in the office almost have a little hard to grasp. Fortunately, Mikael is also an MCV member, so he is still in the gang.

Many thanks for everything you have done for MCV, Micke! All the gigs you booked, all the ventures and collaborations you have come up with and that you always made sure to keep the whip high when it comes to protecting the art, the music and getting the most number of concerts for the money! <3

Now the MCV office is taking a Christmas break and we will reopen on Monday 10 January.

Apply for a showcase at Nordic Folk Alliance 2022

The application is now open for showcase on Nordic Folk Alliance which takes place April 20-22 in Gothenburg.

It is Nomex, the Nordic export offices in collaboration, which is behind the NFA and the festival is organized locally by Cultural development VGR.

A maximum of four Swedish artists / groups in folk and world music will be selected and selected acts will receive paid travel, two hotel nights and food in connection with their gig. No salary is paid.

The deadline for applications is 16 January.

Read more and apply here