Apply for matchmaking at jazzahead!

Export Music Sweden, ExMS arranges again speed meetings during the big jazz festival and expo jazzahead! in Bremen April 28 - May 1. Swedish delegates may meet foreign delegates in short meetings on an assembly line.

Read more about Meet the Sweden's matchmaking session and how to apply here!

ExMS also offers travel support for you who travel as a Swedish delegate to jazzahead !. There is a limited number of travel grants of SEK 5 per person. The support is aimed at entrepreneurs and employees at companies. The support also includes professional and export-ready musicians / artists who are at the fair.

Read more and apply here.

The Artist's Guide - The Artists' Committee's new handbook!

Do not miss the Artists 'Committee's new handbook The Artists' Guide! It is aimed at you who are a professional artist and often freelancer. The handbook contains information on, among other things, tax and security systems, parental and sickness benefits, how to declare and start and run a business. The handbook gives you as an artist guidance on what applies when you receive a scholarship or grant.

Read more and continue botanizing The artist guide

KICKOFF for this year's Restart me - booking

On April 25 at 18.30-20.00 we open the doors (digital) with a kickoff to this year's round of the project Restart me - booking! This year the focus is on booking, but we also aim for sales, launch and international exports.

What challenges do you face during the booking process?
How do you get on your feet after the pandemic?
How do you really get away and play abroad?

All MCV members are welcome to participate in this digital seminar where we briefly present the Restart Me project, which you can apply for now and until April 29. We meet our two project inspirers in booking - Johan Karlberg and Maria Rylander! These eminent bookers and organizers have long and solid experience in the music industry when it comes to booking, organizing, management and what it takes to keep the live piece alive.

April 25 at 18.30-20.00

Zoom (link will be in the mail a few days before)

Done here until April 20.

Presentation of the project and seminar by Johan Karlberg & Maria Rylander. Open question time the last half hour. Gather your questions and ask directly during the seminar!

Maria Rylander - project manager and singer. Operates the interregional organizer network Knutpunkt.

Johan Karlberg - booking agent and manager. Founder of the booking company Kultivation, which is now run together with colleague Lenny Renholm Falk.



Musician for Ukraine - Support Gala April 5

Join in and raise money for those affected by war - April 5!

The House of Music and Music Center West arranges - with the help of ABF Västra GötalandQtech (technology) and Leif Eriksson (filmmaker) - together with participating artists and musicians a support gala at:

Musikens Hus (big stage) on April 5 from 19.00-22.30

We also livestream all evening, so you can take part in the concerts and conversations even if you are not present. More info at the Facebook event - feel free to help us share and spread the word! You can donate money to the fundraiser right now via this link!

On stage:

♡ SECOND GENERATION (goes acoustic)

Advance purchase: SEK 150 (minimum, but preferably more if you have the opportunity!) Which you donate here to the UNHCR. The receipt will be your ticket in - BUT: there is a limited number of places so secure your place by arriving on time! 

Make sure to pay already during the month of March → then all contributions to the UNHCR will be doubled by the Akelius Foundation!

At the door: SEK 150 (via Swish which goes in full to UNHCR)

♡ Come and contribute what you can for the people in and on the run from Ukraine! Experience live music from some of Gothenburg's finest musical acts, and take part in exciting conversations with people from voluntary initiatives and aid organizations. Warm welcome! ♡

Restart me - booking (registration open until April 29)

Dear MCV member: Apply for this year's round of Restart Me!

This year we are focusing on restarts regarding booking, sales and launch - but also showcases and international exports. You as an MCV member can now apply to join this year Restart me - booking and we only select a few participants with the criterion that you should be a person who is already doing that book for your own file. If you also book for other acts, it is a plus.

Restart me - booking includes knowledge-enhancing webinars, coach talks and financial support to move forward in the work.

We start with a digital kickoff on April 1, which is open to all MCV members to participate in. Here we get to meet our professional inspirers in booking and sales during a seminar with question time at the end. After the kickoff, we take in the last registrations of interest.

During the spring, the participants accepted in the project itself are allocated a separate project budget of SEK 2 (incl. VAT) and an inspirer together in a group with other participants. Joint coach talks take place during a longer occasion this spring (May / June) and during an occasion this autumn.

During early autumn, a broad webinar package within the Music Center's Sustain initiative will also be offered, focused on booking and sales - this is also open to all members.

4. Within their own project budget, there is the opportunity to go to a relevant music fair or expo, where the participant can choose to join forces with their inspirer on a trip to either the Reeperbahn Festival or the European Jazz Conference (in the autumn).

5. The project ends in November with a follow-up meeting in the groups, where an individual action plan for the future is also reviewed.

Registration is done by filling in following form, until April 29. Registration for the digital kickoff will be sent separately.

Courses in singing for dancers and stage design

Kulturakademin's course Singing for dancers is for you who want more knowledge about your voice and how the voice works. The goal is that after the course you should know the basics of voice anatomy and have received concrete tools to control and further develop your voice. The course takes place on 12-14 May.

More information and registration here. Apply by April 22!


Course in Advanced songwriting

This course is aimed at singing actors and singers with extensive experience of stage narrative singing. The Academy of Culture gives the course in collaboration with TeaterAlliansen and it takes place between 4-11 May.

Deadline for registration is April 20. More info and registration is available here.

What can we do for Ukraine?

Get involved SWAN - Swedish Artist Residency Network. Help and spread the word to Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian musicians who have moved to Sweden!

SWAN is a network that establishes residences for artists at the time of writing. They work together Artists at Risk by trying as quickly as to help artists who are fleeing and have fled the war, by creating secure residence opportunities in Sweden.

SWAN thus collaborates with Artists at Risk, i.a. with making the application process as quick and smooth as possible. The urgent residencies that are set up in SWAN's network follow the time and production needs of the artists who apply for a residency, and there are currently 20 available residencies. Artists at Risk has "emergency residencies" in several European countries, and the applicant can indicate which country they would like to come to for their residency.

Artists at Risk (AR) is in turn a non-profit organization that works for human rights in the arts. Since 2013, AR has collaborated with non-profit art actors and state financiers to help artists who are in political repression and war - in as many as 26 areas around 19 different countries.


Music Export Ukraine also tells how we can help! Be sure to follow theirs Facebook page for more info. Music Export Ukraine (MEU) is an initiative that helps local Ukrainian artists build their international presence, and works to put the Ukrainian music market on the global map.