Music from the south - course for children and young adults

Tips for those a little younger!
The world music duo Thor & Olle with guest teachers now offer - as part of the project Music from the South - a cutting-edge competence course in Greek folk music, flamenco and cajun. The course is aimed at you between 13-19 years.

The course lasts 9 months and ends with a tour starting at Vänna farm in Dalsland (18-21 / 6 2023). You who participate receive recurring individual lessons and participate in a world music ensemble for young folk musicians.

Selectable instruments: bouzouki, harmonica, flamenco guitar, bagpipe + recorder, accordion + accordion and percussion.

More info and registration here!

Have you applied to Live Music From Sweden?

It has now been a couple of months since our venture Live Music From Sweden was launched, and over 50 concerts are now on our channel! Our showcase rooms contain short concert films for artists and music groups to reach out faster, wider and strengthen their international position.

How does it work?
During the year, we aim for some of the largest international fairs, expos and festivals - SXSW, jazzahead !, Classical Next, Folk Alliance International, Reeperbahn, Womex and more. At several of these meeting places, we are present and represent you - Sweden's most progressive and groundbreaking musical acts. So, when major festivals or fairs take place, specific showcases appear for the purpose.

Do you have a high-quality recorded concert waiting to meet the world? Read the criteria and make your application here!

What does your English profile look like on MCV's website?

Dear MCV members! As you know, you have both a Swedish and an English version of your MCV profile, where the press text is directly translated from Swedish to English via a digital service. Sometimes the translations are not completely in line with what is desired, so we ask you to check your material - both Swedish and English! To bring up the English text version, click on the English flag above your press image. See our image example below.

If something has gone crazy or translated into a word / sentence you want to replace, just email us your amendments to mcv@mcv.se !


Upcoming dates for applications to the Arts Council

New project grant for international operations

The Cultural Council has established a new project grant for international activities which will strengthen the internationalization of cultural life in Sweden. The grant is aimed at important cultural policy actors whose international projects and activities have been affected by the covid-19 pandemic. The projects can include international exchanges, collaborative projects or export promotion initiatives. Read more here!

Full swing at the Performing Arts Days 

Cultural development Last week, VGR invited to the annual offer days, The performing arts days for children and young people in Gothenburg. MCV was of course on site to network with both organizers and artists. The schedule included programs for dance, theater, music and circus.

We took the opportunity to ask some questions to Nina, Amanda and Karl Peter in MCV file Man Must Sing represented in the program offer:

What's the most fun about the Performing Arts Days?
The performing arts days feel like a fantastic opportunity to have the chance to show their performance to a very special audience, namely the organizers. It is very important for us as a free group to have such an opportunity! In addition, it was incredibly fun to meet the other groups and see their performances! When we had played part of our contemporary opera I do not know who I am and I love it a breakdance collective came on stage, then a theater group and finally a folk music group! Completely different expressions, but so exciting to see how much performing arts are created for children!
How does a supply-day gig like this differ from other performances?
Our show I do not know who I am and I love it is actually 35 minutes, but we only played 10 minutes at the Performing Arts Days, and instead we had to do the 10 minutes three times, for three different audience groups. We had planned a lot to make everything work, percussion, props, wigs, costume, everything has to sit down to the smallest detail when we only have 10 minutes on us! It is a demanding challenge, but once we did it was very fun and rewarding!
Have you received any booking requests after you participated in the Performing Arts Days?
No, we have not received that, of course we hope that it will! We will play I do not know who I am and I love it at West Pride in June, and also as school performances arranged by KUBO this fall, so there are a lot of plans ahead!
At this link you can check out all MCV files that are currently in Kulturkatalogen Väst for subsidized booking!

Interview with the sisters in Bremen!

Hi Malin and Karolina in Sisters of Invention! We have had to follow a little on your first trip ever jazzahead! in Bremen, when you took over our social channels this weekend - thank you for doing that, it looked fun! 

Hi MCV, the pleasure was completely on our side! We have had great days in Bremen. 

What do you think are the three best benefits / things about going there? 

Meet people who have previously been just email contacts. See that there are so many who are passionate about jazz around the world / Europe. Get the chance to spread our music.

The hardest part about getting there, the biggest challenges? 

Long but fun days. Lots to take in for us who were there for the first time, it took a while to understand the concept.  You get to choose what you want to put your energy on and learn to see what will benefit your own future plans. 

Do you have five tips / lessons of your own for those who want to go next year?

  1. Make a mind map or similar of what you want to get out of going there. 
  2. Do not set too high demands on yourself, it should be fun too!
  3. Be prepared with material on site, current texts, photos and contact information. Clean up your website and social media so it's representative content.
  4. Take the opportunity to see the city, take a walk in Schnoor! Look at tulips!
  5. Eat at least one pretzel! 

And what does the plan look like for you next year - will it be Jazzahead again?

Yes, absolutely, we are investing in that!