Cultural meetings from all over the world

Musikcentrum Väst has had a series of exciting international meetings and experiences in the past month! At the end of August, the VG region invited MCV among others to a meeting between representatives from the Västra Götaland region and the state of Querétaro in Mexico. We presented our work and function in Sweden's musical life during a morning at the Konserthuset, and got to take part in exciting conversations about Mexican cultural life with, among others, Querétaro's Minister of Culture.

The next day it was time for a cultural delegation from Somalia, Kenya and Italy to visit the MCV office! Representatives from the artistic and musical life gathered through the Göteborg Network in a project on methods and development to be able to live on their artistry. MCV got to meet (and jam with!) the gang, followed by exciting conversations about musicianship, cultural politics and how to navigate the freelance life.

The MCV act as well as the trio The cricket offered atmospheric and catchy music as an introduction to the meeting!

Iryna Novikova

Musikcentrum Väst houses a residence for the Ukrainian music artist Iryna Novikova

We have been given the opportunity to host a Ukrainian musician/sound artist named Iryna Novikova in residency at our office for 3 months, August 15th – November 14th. The residency is funded by SWAN (Swedish Artist Residency Network), https://www.swanresidencynetwork.com/, and the initiator of this is Ragnar Berthling at our sister office in Stockholm at Musikcentrum Öst.  

Sound artist Iryna Novikova, aka Insomnia Taxxi, has access to a room in our office where we set up studio equipment used in her daily work. She has several work opportunities during the autumn on various stages and festivals, some of which are via events where we participate as an organizer or partner. For example piano marathon at House of Possibilitas 25 September and on MCV day (Showcase) at Stora Teatern 8 November.

 Iryna's latest work was a mix made of different Ukrainian songs to mark Ukraine Independence Day. You can find the song “Mystical Ukraine” on her artist page “Insomnia taxxi” on Soundcloud.

- On August 24, Ukraine celebrated the 31st day of its modern independence by participating in the war for independence. Once again, a country that is territorially located on the border of two worlds – the new European and the archaic past, is forced to fight for its identity, protecting the entire civilized world from the aggression of the invader. Ukrainian culture and music are also part of the identity of Ukraine under attack from Russia. I find it very important to share, acquaint, and explore the original and beautiful Ukrainian music with the European audience. Thus, I declare the fact of its existence, protecting it. 

- Iryna Novikova.


✨ MCV day 8 November 2022 ✨

A warm welcome to MCV day — our own day where we present fantastic live music, meetings and mingling — November 8 at 09.30-16.00! Sign up here.

Our annual concert and meeting place, the MCV day, takes place this year at Stora Teatern — Tuesday, November 8! Welcome to an exciting lineup of MCV artists from all possible genres, and with samples for both children and adult audiences. We will also present an exciting guest artist who will share his artistic experiences with us — exclusively and up close.

Welcome to experience a series of core showcase concerts, exciting talks and a lovely lunch under the crystal chandeliers at Storan. There is a limited number of places available, so be sure to register today! Registration takes place until October 25 (and only becomes binding then).


Date: November 8
Time: at 09.30-16.00
Place: Stora Teatern, Gothenburg
Participation fee: SEK 375 incl. breakfast sandwich, lunch and coffee
Apply: Done here no later than 25 October

The music publishers are looking for a new employee

The music publishers are looking for a membership and communications assistant for their office in central Stockholm. The deadline for applications is September 22. Read more here!


List of cultural festivals in the Västra Götaland region!

If you want to go out and play or just visit new festivals, so the VG region has put together an extensive list of the cultural festivals that take place in the region. Missing someone? Email them and tip!

See the full list here.

The Musicians' Association trains skills through the Digital Musiklyftet!

Digitala Musiklyftet is a completely new and huge investment by the Musicians' Association, to strengthen and inspire musicians to digital means based on their own creation through free courses in a skills development program. This program is for you who are professionals in the music industry and who want to learn more about, for example, how to live stream, about streaming rights, about copyright and livelihood opportunities in the form of different platforms.

Read more about Digitala Musiklyftet here.



"More music for more people" is in full swing

In 2022, MCV, with a targeted restart support from the culture committee in VGR, has been able to put in a higher gear to fill the region with even more live music. And in addition to giving the population more concerts, the aim is of course to support the region's musicians and artists in the restart after the pandemic. The plan from the beginning stated that 100 jobs for musicians would be created around the region. So in the middle of the project, it's time to take the pulse of the project manager himself.

Project manager Mikael Godée, how is it going and how does it feel?
It feels good! We already know now that we will almost double the goal. We will land around 190 jobs with 47 music groups and artists in everything from Tidaholm to Sotenäs, from Trollhättan to Ulricehamn. Much thanks to the fact that the organizers we work with have taken care to book several acts separately.

You have a long history of booking concerts in the region, how do you think the pandemic has affected you? Is there any difference now?
Right now I think it's gloriously starting to get a bit normal again, but at the end of last year and the beginning of this, it was something completely different. And then especially with the freely operating organizers. If I even got hold of a concert association manager, it was often at home in the middle of the garden management, where the booking calendar felt far away. However, I got some good growing tips...

And what do the organizers say – has the audience found their way back?
That "Man out of the house" effect that we were all hoping for has not really occurred. My impression is that it has taken its time, longer than I thought. But now! Now I feel that the audience is still coming more and more.

If you as an audience want to find these particular More music for more concerts - how do you do it?
Some of the concerts take place in schools and for the elderly, but most are public and then the organizers do their own marketing for their local audience. If you are particularly curious, you can check out MCV's concert calendar, where all these concerts are also entered {and you can also subscribe to MCV's concert tips here, eds note}.

Finally, a question of a more internal nature 😊: We were a big group who thanked you at MCV's Christmas party last year when you retired. What happened?!
I understand the confusion. I have retired from my permanent employment at MCV, but after two weeks as a pensioner I was hired for this very venture which I manage from home and in parallel with my own musicianship or yes, my retired life then if you like.


Facts about More music for more:

More music for more people is a regional restart initiative in 2022 with a temporary support from the culture committee in VGR.

Participating music groups and artists: Groupa, Anna Lundqvist & Jonas André, Sisters of Invention, Kakafoni, Robin & Bengan, Helena Ek and Peter Janson, Vier Brillen, Hanne Juul, Majornas 3dje Rote, Christmas Song Quartet, Long Kalsong, Veronika Halten, Mareld, Smoke Rings Sisters, Malva Quartet, Räfven, Surrender Dorothy, Pop Up Schubert, Hanna Thiel, Emrik Det Svänger, Mathias Melo, Frödingquartetten, Anders Boson, Matti Ollikainen tro, It became a scuffle, Elin-Louise Ahlberg, West of Eden, Patrik Rydman & Anders Persson, Erik Dahl, Ida Gillner, Axel "Jaded Jane" Olsson, Val Giamo, Fabian Kallerdahl, Helena Ha-Young Sul, Joona Toivanen, Lars Erik Norrström, Madelene Birgenius, Sara Sjödahl, Swing Tarturo, Kaja, Aigua, Tetra, Rosali Grankull, Dynamic Flavors, Gothenburg Art Orchestra.

Participating organizers in the region: The association Soundcheck in Munkedal, the meeting point team in Trollhättan, the Bruksville park and the library in Tidaholm, the Lokstallet in Strömstad, the town festival in Uddebo and school concerts in Tranemo, the House of Possibilitas in Hisings-backa Gbg, Skeppet in Gbg, Bygdegårdar and Kollängen in Götene, Nääs factories in Lerum , The park and library in Ulricehamn, Gerlesborg in Tanum.

A happy audience in front of Groupa at Skeppet in Gothenburg in March 2022. Photo: Mikael Godée