New participant roofs - more can be accommodated

Today, the government and the Swedish Public Health Agency confirmed that the announced changes from 1 July will really take effect then.

From 1 July, the following applies:

Attendance ceilings for public gatherings and public events
Indoor events: up to 50 participants.
Indoor arrangement with designated seating: max 300 participants.
Outdoor events: max 600 participants.
Outdoor events with designated seating: max 3000 participants.

Table from the Swedish Public Health Agency.

If you have the opportunity to divide the room / area / space into sections that are large enough in order for the participants to be able to keep an infectious distance within these applies above mentioned participant ceilings instead each section.
Each section needs to have separate entrances and exits as well as access to own service facilities - for example toilets and places to eat.

The maximum size for a party is increased from four to eight people. Company shall sit down and be able to keep your distance, both outdoors and indoors.

Rules that apply restaurant opening hours removed.

The permitted participation ceiling in premises, spaces and areas that are rented out to private gatherings raised to 50 persons.

For outdoor demonstrations is now allowed up to 1800 participants.

For exercise races and similar outdoor sports competitions adjustments are made that involve the participant ceiling only applies in the start and finish area. The provision also applies to sports competitions with track stretches that are carried out on roads, on or in water or in forests and on land. At the same time, the participation ceiling is raised 900 athletes.


Answer our survey!

Music center opens the fourth survey during the pandemic year for the country's musicians and artists.

Hopefully this will be the last survey where we collect information to show exactly how hard the music life and the musicians have been affected by the pandemic. So even if you are tired of filling out forms of this type - do it this time too!

The previous surveys have served as accurate instruments for presenting the musicians' situation and they have received good attention in both the media and among decision-makers. Therefore, there is good hope that this summary survey will also have an impact.

The questionnaire is sent out widely throughout the country together with a press release that you can read in full here. The questionnaire is open to all musicians, so feel free to spread it! The more people who answer, the more weight in our arguments. Reply by 20 August.

Fill in the questionnaire here! Thank you!

The music for the 400th anniversary party!

Gothenburg turns 400 years old and of course we need music for the party! Let Musikcentrum Väst help! Right now, the city is full of these nice posters. Each QR code has a cruel song. Or just click on the links below and make your own celebration music! 🎧

Smoke Rings Sisters with Gentlemen & Gangsters - Our own Gothenburg
Fresh effervescent gladswing connects the current 20s with the past.

Christina Kjellsson - You are as you are, Gothenburg
Nice social realism in a swinging pop show that Gothenburg deserves to be celebrated even though the city is as it is - or just because?

Axel Sondén & Flyttfåglarna - With everything you mean
Fine-tuned tribute song in troubadour tradition in the right dialect.

M-Rock & Wefunky Band - The city we love
Thorough gait for funky feet.

West of Eden - Glenntown
Tones to attract Irish and everyone else to celebrate the football city of Gothenburg.

Find more music here!

Lina Horner new chairman of MCV

Lina Horner is MCV's new chairman.
Photo: Hans Olsson / Viktor Turegård

This week began with Musikcentrum Väst's annual meeting being held digitally for the second year in a row. Many thanks to everyone who participated!

The annual meeting, which is MCV's highest decision-making body, hammered through an amendment to the articles of association that clarifies how you as a member can submit motions to the annual meeting. See the statutes with new section 6 here!

The resigning board split the presentation of this year's annual report between them and when the board had been granted discharge from liability by the annual meeting, it was time for the election of a new board.

Retiring chairman Henrik Wartel thanked, as did the Members Anna Heikkinen and Chinaski Nymark, with appreciative words (and with flower delivery) and the nomination committee's proposal for a new board was adopted without changes.

The new chairman of MCV was elected Lina Horner. Lina is a freelance artist and songwriter and runs her own label Little Low Recordings where she releases records in her own name. On a daily basis, she is also responsible for the education Artist and production line at Löftadalen Folk High School. This is what she says about her new assignment:

- I think that MCV has a very important role to play in this extremely tough time for the music life, as an initiator and supporter in the restart. In 2021, I also think - as every year - that it is still very important to work for a more equal and inclusive industry.

Other new members of the Board are Aurelia Dey, Anna Cochrane and Maud Lindström. The members Jonas Simonsson, Tormod Tvete Vik and Johan Björklund was re-elected.

Check out some of the board's fantastic artist pages below! Talk about broad skills! 🤩
Lina HornerGroup, Aurelia Dey & The NeighborsThyme shiftMaud LindströmTzeitel

For contact with Lina Horner: Maila mcv@mcv.se
Press image: Click on this link! Photo: Hans Olsson / Viktor Turegård




Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

In 2020, we encountered the biggest crisis in music life and the whole cultural life of all time. The pandemic paralyzed our industry and with the law of order as the state's main tool, we who work with live music were affected by what can best be described as a pure work ban.

Musikcentrum Väst and our sisters in the east and south tried as soon as possible then in March to change from producer to crisis manager and we want to direct a BIG THANK YOU to all vulnerable musicians and artists who made sure to fill in our surveys during the year! These surveys have created credible data that we have been able to convey to decision-makers and the media.

The fact that every third musician was about to leave the profession in August has not escaped many. And the message is of course alarming. But something that has also become clear to us this miserable year is that the country's musicians and artists are professionals in crisis management from the beginning. Living as a freelance musician requires that you are. With or without an ongoing societal crisis. This pandemic has also helped everyone to become eerily aware of. The total lack of safety nets for cultural creators with their own company has become clear. May it already next year lead to improvements in the unemployment insurance fund system, sales support, etc. Many of us will continue to work for this.

We at Musikcentrum Väst are happy to leave this year behind us now. We intend to recharge the batteries (the office will be closed from 23 December to 10 January) and then we will start with full force again. Or in fact even more. With the help of extra crisis support from the Swedish Arts Council, we will in 2021 be able to put more effort than usual into supporting and promoting our members. We also assume that it will be next year that The Big Restart will take place!

We start the year with the investment Operation: Restart where our members should be able to get both practical help and inspiration. In addition, we have just received information from the region that our library tours will be combined with a bunch of theater tours until the spring of 2022! The investment Music in the theater will be done in close collaboration with the Riksteatern, Folkets hus och parker and ABF.

Now we all wish you a calm, happy and merry Christmas with the hope of a brighter 2021!

Karin Inde

for the MCV office

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Reinforcement for the center formations

On Friday, Minister of Culture Amanda Lind presented how the crisis support package for culture of 1,5 billion will be distributed.

The Arts Council will distribute SEK 200 million to cultural practitioners, including musicians and composers.
The Swedish Arts Council will distribute SEK 881 million and, among other things, there are SEK 10 million earmarked here for the center formations in order to strengthen the labor market for cultural creators.

Of course, the music center is ready to take in from the toes!

Read more about the entire distribution on the government's website.