Rhythmic weaves, strange melodies and dangerous excursions with three of Sweden's foremost flutists in folk and world music.

Zephyr - The Meeting of the Winds

Phenomenal flute trio Zephyr, a genuine meeting between three of Sweden's foremost flutists in folk and world music. Their first album with their own compositions, October Ocean, was released in 2017 on the record company Playing With Music. The music contains rhythmic weaves, strange melodies and loud excursions beneath the surface of the October Ocean that give the listener music that has never been heard before. The vast musical landscapes stretch from Nordic bogs to the hot, crowded traffic jam in a large city southeast of the bog. From calm westerly winds, icy cold north, warm monsoon to stormy hurricane.

Jonas Simonson - flute, alto flute, willow flute, härjedalspipa

Richard Ekre Suzzi - bansuri, windmills

Göran Månsson - double bass recorder, härjdalspipa, moonland pipe, offerdalspipa etc.

Jonas Simonson is one of Sweden's most experienced folk players who has immersed himself in song playing on the Swedish folk music scene. His intense and rhythmic flute playing can be heard in Groupa, Den Fule, Crane Dance trio and Songs in Meantone.

Richard Ekre Suzzi, born in Stockholm, began his career as a jazz pianist and composer. A passion for bansuri flute and North Indian art music brought him to Bombay, India to study with bansuri master Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia.

Göran Månsson is one of the most exciting and dynamic flutists in Sweden today. He comes from Haverö in Medelpad, from the legendary fiddler family Lång. With his clear roots and curious excursions, Göran creates new poetic spaces.