Broad musical palette with roots in traditional folk rock and blues.

WITTMAR offers a wide musical palette, where everything from stripped-down vocal arrangements to full-on rock can be found. With its colorful, forest-scented music world, this five-piece band creates a powerful musical experience with influences from folk/world, blues, Americana and a pinch of 70s prog rock. In the spring of 2022, WITTMAR made three notable single releases, of which 'Take it slow' was the band's debut. They have also shared the stage with artists such as Moonica Mac and The Hanged Man.

ANTHEM about the single Take It Slow:
"Take It Slow" captures an earthy expression that impresses and where the vocal input sits perfectly. The music is timeless, rooted in traditional folk rock and blues, resulting in a song that should appeal to music lovers worldwide.

Setting: vocals, choir, piano, guitars, bass, drums, accordion, synths, shrutibox, percussion.

It is also possible to book WITTMAR in a smaller constellation, for example as a duo or trio.

Band members: 

Marika Wittmar: lead vocals, acoustic guitar, lyrics
Linnéa Enberg: drums, choir
Edvin Syrén: electric bass, choir
William Nordlund: electric guitar
Amanda Joensuu: piano, accordion, synths, choir