William Soovik Grand Finale

William Soovik Grand Finale

Frijazz n 'roll!

William Soovik Grand Finale plays Rustic Music. What is it, one might ask? Partly it is the name of the band's first album but it is also a whole philosophy around the band's music and what expressions it can take one. Think of that heavy cast iron pan that sits in the back of a cupboard in a summer cottage somewhere. Long since replaced by a sophisticated non-stick pan with nano-ceramic coating. An old wooden beer tray that has become storage for old nails or half-empty glue bottles in a carpenter's shed in a forest. A Toyota Corolla from 1993 that passes the inspection year after year without complaint. These maybe are not the most elegant, rational, flashy or practical solutions in today's society but they are full of character. They are functional and can take a bit of a beating. They make you happy and they create added value, on Somehow... It's exactly the same way with Rustic Music. 

William Soovik Grand Finale is the brain child of Gothenburg drummer William Soovik. The band started in mid-2017, as an attempt for the band leader to work his way out of a particularly dull period of gig drought and jazz anxiety. In 2018, the critically acclaimed debut album Rustik Musik was released, which among other was selected as the record of the day in DN, as well as landing a top-10 place in Orkesterjournalen's competition "The Golden Disc". After three released records, William Soovik Grand Finale is about to become one of Sweden's most promising addition to the modern jazz scene. The second album "Major" has been streamed so far 750.000 times on Spotify, and in the spring of 2022 the band got to represent Sweden on it prestigious festival Nordic Jazz Comets in Copenhagen. During the fall of 2023, the band records and releases his fourth album and before this does a proper tour at several prestigious venues around about in the country. 

Williams' music could be described as a kind of hybrid, with influences from Led Zeppelin and Frank Zappa to Charles Mingus and Ornette Coleman. It's a little dash of rock and a touch of pop melodically, it's beautiful, outgoing and appealing to both the jazz geek and the one with something wider musical palette. Someone once described the band as “the missing link between Nirvana and The Bad Plus”. That sounds good, thinks William! 

“The Gothenburg drummer William Sooviks rare mixture av free jazz, coat, melancholy and Aus is hardly calculated, men felt deck sea genuine. Oh care band is excellent.” - Johannes Cornell, Dagens News. 

“The music felt open and created i hours. This pride to Sooviks compositions contains well written and fun melodies and many arranged ensemble parts. The is orderly men still messy. …one album that is easy to think if!" - Jan Strand, Orkesterjournalen.

"The here the Gothenburg quintet has the mesta av the that is of jazz badges of nobility: strong emotions, public relations, artistic frihet and en Never failing puls ... Safety nets is removed, each musically leap is one unpredictable adventure." - Gunnar Wiklund, Folkbladet.


William Soovik - Drums / Composition
Malin Wättring - Tenor Sax
Signe Dahlgreen - Tenor Sax
Joel Fabiansson - Guitar
Viktor Reuter - Double Bass