William Soovik Grand Finale

William Soovik Grand Finale

Frijazz n 'roll!

William Soovik Grand Finale is a free jazz n 'roll band based in Gothenburg.

The group in its current form has existed since 2017 and has at the time of writing released three full-length albums, the latest of which a live album, released in the spring of 2021.

The music as such is inspired just as much by Nirvana and John philip sousa as of Charles Mingus and Keith Jarrets early groups. It's melodic, beautiful, high-energy and leaves no one indifferent. It's fun and rustic! Quiet and Loud!

The band's first record Rustic Music got great reviews and new record Major has already rattled together around 600,000 plays on various digital platforms and is on several of the biggest playlists for jazz on Spotify.

In 2021, the group will play at some of Sweden's finest jazz venues, such as Nefertiti, Fasching and Umeå Jazzstudio and a tour and a recording session is planned for spring 2022.


William Soovik - Drums / Composition
Malin Wättring - Tenor Sax
Signe Dahlgreen - Tenor Sax
Joel Fabiansson - Guitar
Viktor Reuter - Double Bass