Volodya howls like a steam locomotive, sparkles and glows like a volcano and cools off in cold Siberia among thieves, boxers and evil aunts.

Volodja is the group that howls like a steam locomotive, sparkles like crystal, glows like a volcano and that constantly cools itself in the cold Siberia among pickpockets, boxers, deported criminals and evil aunts.

A concert with Volodja involves lots of laughter, crying and breathtaking adventures. No one, really no one, is left untouched by Volodya!

By taking turns as soloists, the members create a distinctive variation and strong dynamics in the musical expression that can be compared to the old heroes of the classic stage and variety shows: Edith Piaf and Jaque Brel.

The songs are about strong destinies and the music constantly oscillates between power, rebellion and intoxicating joy and oppression, desperation and darkness. Everything is framed by the beautiful poetry created during sleepless nights by Vladimir Vysotsky.

In 10 years, the group has released 4 full-length albums and performed over 200 concerts at everything from concert halls to clubs and festivals in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Poland.

The latest album Live was noticed in Aftonbladet where the group was declared as Vysotsky's main representative in Sweden.

Volodja consists of members from, among others, Skottes Musikteater, Kultiration, Räfven, Kaja and Tzeitel.