Vera Mårtens

Vera Mårtens

If I only lean - songs by Tore Berger in interpretation by Vera Mårtens and Karin Johansson

In the concert program If I Just Lean, singer Vera Mårten's and pianist Karin Johansson devote her full attention to Tore Berger's songs.

Tore Berger is a songwriter and singer who has worked as a solo artist since 1969 and in parallel as a member of Gunder Hägg / Blå tåget. Vera, who is the daughter of Tore Berger, grew up with her father's songs. She then started singing them herself and also with Berger as on the album Big questions, no answers. Karin is a pianist and composer in improvisational music and jazz.

Together they create a new costume and tone for Berger's songs. It's about the big questions; love, life and the planet. It is of course a kind of tribute to Tore Berger, but also a way to create ties to the time the songs come out and at the same time take them further into the future.

Vera Mårtens: vocals, clarinets, kantele, autoharp

Karin Johanson: piano