I want to face the forces of life unarmed...

Meet Karin Boye and her poetry in new heartfelt and spot-on musical interpretations performed by Petra Haraldson piano/vocals, and Livet Nord violin/vocals.

Almost a century ago, Karin wrote poems that are strangely relevant and urgent in our time. Together with the musician and composer Camilla Åströmg, Petra Haraldson has made a personal selection of Boye's poems and created heartfelt and precise compositions.

Karin Boye was active during and between the two world wars. She was a political and religious seeker and a rebel who went her own way in a time when this was rarely appreciated. Boye's poetry is often about how we humans basically share the same existential conditions. Timeless melancholy, passion, hope, comfort, defiance and longing.

Karin Boye - Unarmed is a concert performance where, through Petra Haraldson and Livet Nord, the audience gets to meet Boye and her poetry in a selection of poems set to music by Camilla Åström & Petra Haraldson.
Compositions interspersed with letters and stories; Texts by and about Karin Boye.
The concert is about 55 minutes long, or according to