Vanja Modigh

Vanja Modigh

Three unique voices that merge into a new voice - Vanja Modigh. She takes the turns and challenges the norms of vocal music.

Based on Swedish folk music, the vocal trio Vanja Modigh weaves elements and influences from around the world into their repertoire. A concert with Vanja Modigh offers songs and chorales in their own arrangements from the Swedish and Nordic folk music tradition, folk songs from other parts of the world, such as Georgia and the USA (Appalachians) and self-composed music.

"There are no strict boundaries in the songs, they move relatively freely between different roots and traditions. The trio is faithful to a cultural heritage, but they also carry a new, personal and own one, they are carriers of culture into the future." – Bo Bjelvehammar, Opulence

"Goosebumps-inducing euphony" - Luise Rube, Music Magazine LIRA

The trio has existed since 2015 when the three vocalists converged during their studies in Swedish folk music at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. Over the years, the trio has toured in Sweden as well as abroad. In February 2021, they released their debut album Vocal Tradition in collaboration with Kakafon Records.

Katarina Söderlund: singing
Will-Louise Skough Åborn: song
Anna Larsson: singing