Inspiration and turn from Eastern Europe. Own klezmer trance with a rock attitude!

Tummel plays music with strong influences from klezmer (Eastern European, Jewish music) and music from the Balkans. However, the band mostly writes their own songs, and also takes in influences from many other places. The band rarely fails to bring the atmosphere to the top with their energetic stage show and is a fantastic live band, but has also received very good reviews for their four records OY! (2001), Transit (2004), Payback Time (2009) and Push (2014). Tummel has toured extensively both in Sweden and abroad, and has also been involved in a variety of projects; Creative School, own music camp, collaborations with cultural schools and wind orchestras, etc. The group even has a material for collaboration with students who can only play two notes!

Tummel also has a school show / family show for children and young people between 10 and 18: Migratory birds - a story about migration, which is based on the background of the band members and their families, and how this is filled with migration around the world. The performance can be given both as a Creative School project with associated workshops, and as a pure performance.

However, Fernando Massino, percussion, and Blagoj Lamnjov, clarinet, participate in the performance Flying Birds instead.