Top class

Top class

The prominent trio Topklass has a connection to Nordic modern jazz, Swedish film music and folk songs.

The young and prominent trio Topklass shows great musicality and sensitivity. Top class is a guitar trio, but also a bass trio and a drum trio. A trio looking for new ways to play jazz. Their debut album No.1 is the result of a vision to create music that looks outside the safe, familiar and often expected.

Band members Boel Mogensen (kb), Johan Ekeberg (git) and Maria Dahlin (tr) can be seen in several constellations in
musiksverige and all come with previous disc releases in their luggage. When they shine together as a trio it is
with great compliance for each other and the music.

The compositions bear witness to a strong relationship with Nordic modern jazz, Swedish film music and folk music
songs with an obvious simplicity. Top class shows the happiness and joy of playing in the simple and this has meant that the trio has reached a wide audience both within and outside the small crowd of jazz in a short time.