Thymeshift Elektronix

Thymeshift Elektronix

Everyone is creative and can create music!

A very exciting Swedish band that works to combine and blur boundaries between traditional / digital / electronic instruments. The music we create is influenced by rock, pop, jazz and world music.

We work in two different tracks: Improvised concerts suitable for many different environments and music creation in workshop form that is aimed at all primary school years as well as high school / folk high school / etc.

About our concerts:
Based on our traditional instruments (drums / electric guitar / saxophone), we create improvised soundscapes with the help of Ipads, samplers and various electronic to something completely new every time. Must be experienced!
Please also read our description below about our workshop, many elements from there can also be found in the concert form.

About our workshop:
Improvisation in music can often be perceived as something elusive, but Thymeshift Elektronix compares it to the kind of improvisation we do every day, when we talk, cook, go shopping without a shopping list or just make quick decisions.

Thymeshift Elextronix does just that, albeit with its instruments, and also works hard to sync with each other, listen in and be interplayed in their improvisation to arouse both ears, emotions and curiosity.

If you are prepared to listen to something that is different from what we usually hear, it will be easier to receive it. Thymeshift Elektronix has open ears, and also wants to open the ears of you who listen. We pick up sounds that are in the room, sounds to experiment with, distort and play with, so that the audience is thus involved in the end result that the music constitutes. The music does not fall into any particular genre, the associations are completely free.

With playfulness and imagination, the group creates completely new music, and you get to be part of it.

Our starting point is that all people are creative, can create their own music and find an expression. We have a strong belief that music is an important part of our identity development and that knowledge of music increases the student's opportunities to shape and participate in the cultural life of the future.

With our visit to the schools, we want to show the possibilities of music as a form of expression and means of communication by offering students an interactive concert that they participate in and design together with us.

We believe that our work with digital tools can stimulate the student's confidence in their own ability to make music and create an interest in developing their own creativity. They can also be a great help in communicating the student's own musical thoughts and ideas as no prior knowledge is needed.

During our visit we will touch on the following points:
Improvisation with rhythms and tones - The student can use the music's traditional building blocks by improvising with his voice and with sound creation.

- Rhythm, dynamics and pitch - Students are drawn to strong / weak sounds, low / high tones and slow / fast rhythms.
- Music creation / performance - The students create the music themselves together with us and the performance takes place in the moment.
- Digital tools - We use tablets with associated music apps and demonstrate different ways to work creatively with them.

Target group: F-year 9 (high school / folk high school also possible)
Number of participants: groups of 15-30 students
Duration: 40-80 minutes by appointment
Prerequisites: None
Based on the above conditions, we also have good opportunities to adapt and tailor so that the format suits your needs.

Thymeshift Electronix is ​​also included in Kulturkatalogen Väst: